What is an individual? What is it to express individuality?Why are our children being taught from an increasingly early age to be clones of the collective?

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To be an individual we must surely first recognize the self and all that entails.The so called good points and bad points within us and all that is in between.These are merely the experiences of the journey and how we react to them.Too often we all become trapped into the perceptive conditioned belief systems that we are told are the right or wrong way to react to a situation through social engineering programs such as television “programs” and the pathetic boundaries of political correctness.On a daily basis in Britain now the mantra is “were all in this together” and the “big society”.Nothing could be further from the truth.These are no more than the repetitive mind tricks of the hypnotist,I’m just waiting for some loudspeakers springing up in our towns and cities to start chanting”one of us,one of us” over and over, hoping that our eyes will glaze over,the drool will flow and we all elect the lord god Tony Blair as high executioner in Brussels for life,instead of trying him for genocide and crimes against humanity.We should never be afraid to understand and express the individuality within us all.

The creative force of expression that dwells within us all that is being systematically attacked on every level to suppress the knowledge that is accessible if we allow ourselves simply to be.By that I mean to have the experience and not to be the experience.We have come here to be individual expressions of one aspect of consciousness and interact with the earth and the so called physical universe as one family ,that is my take on it.We all can however still interact with other levels of infinite consciousness if we choose.It is my experience in my life that when I finally had the courage to be me on this journey life can change in astonishing ways.Sometimes the riches we seek are hiding right between our ears waiting to be accessed by an open and conscious mind and as they say” there’s nae pockets in a shroud.”


The awareness of all that is and ever will be is inherent in us all.I started saying many years ago,even before I began to wake up,that we came into this world knowing everything and we were taught to forget the truth as we lived our daily lives.So it comes as no surprise that the self appointed leaders in almost every country on earth systematically ensure that education becomes ever restricted and formulated,creative subjects and the free expression of a child is being stamped out.If a child is free of mind and thinks the system sucks there is always some brain dead robot of the system ready to throw some Ritalin at them and label them with some disorder from the ministries of death(oop’s sorry,meant health,didn’t mean to be honest there).Surely it is way long over due that we as parents stood up to the abuse of our children and grandchildren?.Believe me it works,we just have to shrug off our old friend fear and be individuals together on an empathetic path for the betterment of our world and our childrens’ experience upon it and within it.


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