Manipulation through fear

Today and everyday we wake up to this world with yet another string being added to the bow.The bow that plays the tune that the masses must dance to.The tune is getting louder and louder attempting to drown out the true song of the heart.We are being very carefully and expertly manipulated into the corner of the snake pit where they will offer us their pre-planned solution of an even bigger snake to protect us from ourselves.I use the analogy of the snake intentionally as it holds a deep vibrational significance to those who would claim lordship over us and how they have managed to convince us of our need for leadership and guidance.I will go deeper into this at another time,it can be a very delicate and complex part of reality to discuss unless we open our perception of self and the world we are here to experience.To react with violence to any situation is to feed the vibrational state of the given experience.Perhaps a better reaction would be not to play the game they have presented us with.If you want to create a global state of fascist dictatorship then how easy it would be for the wizards behind the curtain that the population itself demands it through fear of their own anger.We are on the cusp of this becoming reality,a reality that would make Orwell’s big brother seem like a week in a health spa in comparison.Turn on the mainstream news channels and from every angle you are being convinced and programmed to believe that the very system that got us to this stage of their chaotic manifesto will  somehow be our saviour.Repeated time and time again by empty political “leaders” that follow a script written long ago by the expression of consciousness they have allowed themselves to become slaves to themselves.We must all begin to make conscious choices from within our own inner knowing of right and wrong.We all have it, we all experience it on a daily basis yet we ignore it through self denial of blatant truths smacking us in the face daily.Is the daily slaughter of men, women and children on genocidal levels in Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya and throughout Africa and many other places really going to keep us safe and free in a peaceful democratic world?.I think not.Will abhorrent vaccinations concocted in Frankensteins lab, together with genetically modified foods and chemically polluted waters really keep us healthy?I think not.The list goes on and on and some of us still blindly accept the words of proven liars and self-serving psychopaths who have knowingly(in some cases) sold their soul to the face behind the mask.The cycle of manipulation will continue as long as we feed it with our fears.Yes it is time to stand up and be heard above their tune,but never ever through violent means.Let us stand up once and for all in true realization of our selves,not the hopeless serf they would have you believe you are,but the true and free expression of infinite love that we all are.As the brilliant David Icke so rightly says”Infinite love is the only truth,everything else is illusion”.Let’s stop begging those that seek our destruction to speed up the process through our own fear and acquiesce.Do not walk in fear,walk in your own truth without harm to others and expose the corruption that enslaves us all.

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