Fear and Greed(microcosms of the macrocosm)

I suppose we’ve all been there at some point in our lives if were honest,you know,whats in it for me?,I want more stuff,I want more money,I want more love.Where does the obsession come from and what creates the experience?

The way what we call society and our interactive experience of society is structured and played out is, again, a very cleverly guided and engineered piece of work.Once more through almost our every waking hour there is the attempt to convince us of our limitations and the need for a shepherd to guide us in our ignorance.But let’s take this a bit deeper than the slide show that is playing out on earth for us to experience.

The attempt to convince us of limitation and the need for possession of material wealth and the illusion of power over others is simply a reflection on the so called physical earth of what is happening on a vibrational level with the very expression of consciousness that seeks to impose it upon its’ host.The control system that is imposing itself upon us is doing so because of the vibrational state of its’ own experience and its’ own fear of its’ own inevitable transformation into another state of being.The only thing that keeps it in its’ present state of experience is fear and our own and others reaction through our own fears,creating a limited self-energizing experience, expressing itself through chaotic emotions and seemingly random acts of physical violence.Within this vibrational cycle these are not random acts, they are scripted vibrational signatures held within the matrix of experience that can and will be played out time and time again by those programmed to exist within the matrix and hold it in existence.A default position of the  perception of this world within my own observations appears always to be fear of survival.No matter how brave we claim to be almost everything we undertake is the result of some level of fear.Loss of love,home,friendships,social status, money and of course our fear that all life ends when the lights go out in the body we think is us. Astonishing given that the true “us” is the infinite spark and creative force of all possibility.How is all possibility manipulated and controlled? Simple,it isn’t,the experience it is having, viewed from higher points of awareness,is what is being manipulated.As Bill Hicks said  we are simply matter(vibrational information)experiencing itself subjectively and it’s just a ride.A ride we can change anytime we like.

How the control is relayed down the vibrational chain is another days words, but not perhaps as complex as we first might perceive,our perception and what we allow within our own experience is the key to both freedom and slavery,it always has been.The expansion of our consciousness(fields of perception, mind, awareness,vision) is the invisible key to a door that never existed we just thought it was there through the collective belief and projection of our self created cell.

What is being experienced through our eyes is no different to that which is being experienced by our self appointed masters,the delusion of a prettier cell could best describe it and their eyes are more blinkered than ours.Self convincing illusory magik of powers beyond the mind are science without empathy and wisdom,dangerous beyond comprehension to both conjurer and audience.True science walking a path that is wise in love and empathy does not do destruction,it heals and co-creates as we all must do, so lets put an end to our fears and our greed, get off our arse and rebuild the experience of this world in love and empathy.

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