The words of Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph, An American Indian of the Nez Perce Nation 1901.So many words of profound meaning and significance have come from what we call the indigenous peoples of many lands.The tribes of this earth who did there best to hold the truths of there forefathers and live in vibrational harmony with all things around and within them.I am not about to say that they lived perfect lives,fighting still took place,yet from what I myself understand of this,greed very rarely was the motive,survival was.The aboriginal peoples of this earth have had many great spokesmen expressing words and truths of this earth that should echo in our ears for eternity,yet they are ignored and suppressed to a large extent.I am going to speak of a deeply profound and wide reaching statement accredited to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce.Upon his declaration of surrender he made a speech which ended with the statement”FROM WHERE THE SUN NOW STANDS I WILL FIGHT NO MORE FOREVER”.How do we understand these words and hold them in the context of our so called modern world?

It is my understanding that all things in this experience we call life are connected,whether it is the words and actions of someone long past or the apparent truth of the moment.All things are part of a greater experience beyond our given individuality.There are many ways to fight for what is right but none greater than determined and absolute resolution never to use violence and hate to overcome what is our perceived oppressor.To interact in a physical and destructive coarse of action is to become the oppressor and shall inevitably result in the cycle repeating itself at some point.

To echo more of Chief Josephs words,”Hear me my chiefs!I am tired;my heart is sick and sad”.I too and perhaps many of us,have spent too long observing this world through tired eyes, sickened and heavy with sorrow in my heart.I have sat inactive watching the unfolding of a sick manifesto of genocide upon this earth that I love so much.No more will I sit in the shadows of a deeply and profoundly lost few,for that is what we are dealing with.We have created and police our own prison,conned into the belief that we are somehow safer.We can use and understand the words of this profound man to be free and live in peace and harmony with all things,all it will take is a little courage and wisdom expressed through empathy and love.So let us finally make a stand and fight no more forever.   

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