Healing as a Constant

Many problematic experiences appear before us on this journey we call life.Some seemingly easy to deal with and some seemingly full of pain and heartache.Our reactions to these experiences can cause great harmony within our physical state or they can cause great disharmony.If our life path flows in a balanced and harmonic way and we are consciously accepting our own guidance through the knowing in our hearts, physical and mental dis-ease become less of a likelihood(not accounting for the now daily barrage of toxins and various microwave and radioactivity abuse now rained upon us).Yet through the constant expansion of our own awareness,and the understanding of our own true self even these can be over come.                                                

The act of healing and the experience and expression of this act need,and indeed,should not be viewed as an act of great miracle or personal greatness on the part of the one viewed as the healer.The healing taking place is a balancing and synchronizing of vibrational frequencies that no longer flow in harmonic resonance with their surrounding frequencies.In our daily lives we are experiencing seemingly random acts of healing yet most of us no longer acknowledge them or indeed are not aware of them.Perhaps the seemingly meaningless chat with the person at the bus stop or the quick joke with the shopkeeper made that persons day and lifted their spirits in what they would otherwise have perceived as another day of struggle.What I am saying is that all the interactions we take place in during our daily lives are merely subjective experiences that hold far more than a simple nod and a wink.They can be and often are much more than this.

When we look at the experience of physical life from a more expansive and aware level of consciousness perhaps we can see all experience as an ever expanding and self aware vibrational theater of interactive self healing matter.Vibrational information here to learn from itself thus expanding the experience,in short,to heal itself and allow a freer, less dense experience of life to become our reality .Within and through the physical body we have the knowledge and wisdom to heal at a level convention would have us believe is only achievable through miracles and the hand of god.From my experience this is not true.They are only experiences of a different level of understanding that we are conditioned to believe is beyond our reach,nonsense.All things are within our reach,we’ve just forgotten how long our arms really are.When we regain peace within ourselves we can see all possibility and that healing on what we previously thought were staggering levels can and will occur merely by allowing ourselves to flow and experience our infinite and true self,love! Perhaps by viewing events as an experience of advancement we can begin to live and experience a more conscious and constant healing environment in our daily life and daily challenges,expressed through the actions of all possibility.It’s time,I think!   

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