Compression and self-destruction of the chains that bind the matrix



All things in our perceived physical world are merely vibrational information decoded and holographically projected by us through the body to give our own consciousness the experience of density we call our world.As many have said before me,it is not us that travels through this life it is life (the experience of) that travels through us.This is done primarily through our DNA which is quite simply a transmitter/ receiver of vibrational information, crystalline in its perceived physical form.{I would recommend you read David Ickes’ deeper analysis of this for a clearer understanding}.The rest of the body hologram including the mind merely plays out the experience based on the information it has received.If the information the DNA is receiving is corrupted and not flowing in a harmonic sequence the experience it creates will reflect this as such.Further more if we look at the daily war on our physical expression(the body)we can see how through vaccination programs,tetra technology etc and radiation spewed into our seas,earth and air,that the very core tools we need for this experience are being further restricted and damaged.What chance is there for a free,self creating and empathic experience in this journey of life when the game seemingly has been rigged and controlled beyond our knowledge and capability?What follows is how I interpretate what I am experiencing,and how on a vibrational level this madness and the manipulated information we receive,can and indeed will no longer exist in its’ current form.


What I see in my own experiences of expanded awareness is the structure of how this information is passed down to us on a vibrational level(I would like to write another time of the staging points on the informations’ journey and one or more of the points of source).The structure is viewed by myself as a spiraling elongated sequence of information expressed in light.The light is both within what we call the spectrum of visible light and from beyond it,but light nonetheless.Light again is merely information decoded as light and if it is decoded or perceived from a more expanded state of consciousness the spectrum becomes larger and clearer.At the thinnest end of the spiral,which is on and in the earth,received and transmitted through us as our experience,the flow of light is(was) at a very slow speed creating a very dense and heavy reality that flows in conflict of itself due to the source natures of the information.As the spiral stretches outwards from our perceived self it expands within itself speeding up as it goes because the further away from its’ target point it gets the more information it contains and the vibrational frequency it operates within must speed up to contain the information in the form of light.When the spiral (had) reached its point of origin new and still conflicting information would become part of the sequence.The information then returns down the spiral,slowing down in vibrational frequency being accessed along the way at various points until it interacts again with the expressions of consciousness that wished to access the information in the first place.I am not saying I know when this cycle began but it is no longer functioning from its main sources,this will become evident in life.The spiral of light now devoid of its’ sources no longer has a perceived finite source of vibration.It is now and has been for a long “time” been drawing upon its’ own experience and the energies created within those experiences to sustain itself and lengthen its own existence(In truth it is just an expression of consciousness that has chosen to evolve).It is drawing down upon itself,compressing the light and  assisting in the perception of time speeding up and our experiences in chaos seemingly hitting us in a constant barrage.It will continue this for a time yet,that time is mainly dependent on us here to experience this earth at this “time”.Its own self destruction is inevitable,but we must not forget that it ends here with us,we can choose to experience it or not. We can keep feeding it by acting out its perpetual wars and constant fears resulting in the loss of a free physical experience or we can choose to live in peace.This however is not and has never been the only source of information or experience within infinite consciousness,how could it be,it is merely one that the human and other experiences has allowed itself to be manipulated into experiencing ,The true magnificence of this beautiful planet and all that entails is yet to be laid before us, all we have to do is wake up and create it for ourselves,lets get on with it!    



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