Dolly the sheep and the human cul-de-sac

For those that do not know, Dolly the sheep was the “first” mammal to be cloned using a technique called somatic cell nuclear transfer . The cell nucleus from an adult cell is transferred into an unfertilized developing egg cell that has had its nucleus removed.It is then encouraged to divide under the stimulus of electric shock and implanted into a surrogate mother.All lovely stuff,no threatening implications for the human race there then Dr Frankenstein and co! Playing with the very fabric and the building blocks of physical life and presenting them as the science of advancement, security and sustainability of life on earth puts a shiver down my spine.We could take a look at the term cloned and view it from a different angle.

As we venture through our daily lives,rushing here and there, many of us seemingly on some kind of auto-pilot ,how many of us take the time to stop and look around us?I mean actually stand still and take a good reasoned look at what we are doing,or why we are standing in say the supermarket or in the post office.Was it our own reasoned and consciously thought out actions that sent us on that small journey? or was it programming and conditioning delivered through various outlets of social media and subliminal visuals hidden in plain view?I do what I want when I want,I here you say,perhaps you do,your life is not mine to question.It can be so easy to conceive you have total control in your life if you never take the time to take a small step back and openly examine your thoughts and actions.Sometimes when we do this we can realize that the things we thought we wanted were in fact things the control system would have us aim for to engineer our lives in a certain fashion and point their society in the desired direction.How easy to control the masses if we all think alike and follow the same ritualistic lifestyles.The same rituals of work,shopping,leisure,relationship structure and political showcase elections that give the illusion of a multi-party system of choice.Would our lives not be so much more like the joy they should be if we took the time to work with our conscience and consciousness and actually be the true creator of our own lives with love and empathy for each others experience?This is what the ever threatening system of control does not wish you to do or experience,individuality and awareness of oneself is not for them because it cannot and does not need to be controlled for these are attributes and expressed actions of love in awareness of itself.

The choice is ours and ours alone,we can be herded into a symbolic cul-de- sac of cloned expression,a void where individuality is shunned and ridiculed,or we stand up with a strong voice and be what we came here to be,FREE!!! 

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