The Sky Shepherds and the Dog Star

The herding of the sheeple

We see standing in the night sky the outline of a constellation known to some as Orion the hunter.If you live in the northern hemisphere it will be visible on a path from the east passing south and westward.

There are many myths and legends surrounding this part of the heavens,some confusing by their design only to be understood by the inner sanctums of a self selected few.The true nature of such tales and mysteries are almost always of an astro-theological nature hidden within stories for the uninitiated to take literally.However if we look more closely with an open mind we can express these tales in perhaps a different light.

Lets take a look at Orion and Sirius from a vibrational point of view and how perhaps they relate to our life experience.                                                                         Lets begin with the Shepherd and what a shepherd does.Is the shepherd just traditionally in this context a man on a lonely hillside tending his sheep?Or is he in terms of Orion the son of man(sun of mankind)tending and guiding his flock down through the ages under various guises with the help of his faithful sheepdog?

A sun within a solar system is more than a provider of  heat and visible light.On deeper levels it is so much more,we could describe it as a provider of vibrational information relayed to us through light in frequencies both within and outside the spectrum of visible light.In an ideal experience of a physical world the information  has been relayed and experienced down through many other forms of vibrational expression,originating from the true stillness of infinite consciousness that all things are, finally coming into denser and slower vibration to once more experience itself within the illusion of physicality.However if there is conflicting  information coming in from conflicting suns(sources of information) the nature of the physical experience can and will only be one tainted by conflict.What if this was done not by accident but by careful design?

The constellation of Orion relates to many physical locations upon our earth and in my opinion on other planets and satellites of planets(both natural and manufactured).The Giza plateau being the most famous but there are others.The apparent obsession with this constellation and others could be debated for long enough,I have chosen to stick to one possibility of its’ nature.The concept that its’ vibrational frequency and that of Sirius along with its’ apparent and perceived alignment to our physical world has provided us with such mystery and connectivity through many religious and theoretical institutions suggests it is indeed of great and deep importance to how our world has been structured

Consider if the Orion constellation were indeed one body,a collective if you like,of similar vibrational expression.Consider also if that vibrational expression were somehow being projected and experienced upon our own earth and solar system and those expressions of vibration were of a higher(faster and more expanded vibrational light)nature,would they not be perceived as in some way divine?I would suggest myself that the “divine” is merely vibrational information that has not yet been experienced by the receiver in its present state.When knowledge is perceived as wisdom and we allow ourselves to live in its’ shadow the attainment and expression of wisdom can become a long road indeed.                                                                                The experience of life upon this earth is simply that,an experience,expressed through the physical mind and body.And it is my own opinion that this experience was usurped a long time ago by these vibrational expressions  and others for their own perception of gain.

Lets look at Sirius for a moment and its role in the vibrational stage play we are partaking in.Sirius is not as it would appear at first glance,it is in fact a binary star,two stars perceived as one from our point of observation.So from a vibrational point of view it is two different sources of information giving the perception of one.Let’s assume that in the context of what I am saying here that once more we have a conflict of information being perceived as one consistent source of vibrational information in the form of light.

So lets put the shepherds and the dog-star together and see how this could affect our experience in this life.

As the shepherds stood and tended their flock attempting to impose their own experience upon all they survey, great difficulty would have arisen in containing the free will and acknowledgement of the infinite realms of consciousness that our experience here truly is.So within this analogy the shepherd must now employ the help of the sheepdog.To symbolically round up and contain the flock the sheepdog must be suitable for the task.What better way to contain the flock than to keep them in a constant state of conflict,convincing them that the information they were receiving was pure and true.Never allowing the flock to see the true nature of their containment and to have them perceive and believe that they exist at the evolutionary pinnacle of all they see and that the divine is beyond their concept and reach.As a dual source of information the “star” Sirius was perfect for the job due to the different and conflicting natures of the information,also the perceived alignment from our point of observation.So when this vibrational information is re-directed and focused upon the otherwise naturally intended streams of information that we decode as our physical experience by the shepherds an experience of a more conflicting and chaotic nature will ensue.This has held us in a literal stalemate as far as an evolving human physical experience is concerned due to the finite nature of the information and the inner knowing of our consciousness.We have literally been like rabbits in the headlights,all we have to do is symbolically avert our eyes from the light and step to the side. Yet as I have said before this situation is coming to a close.The information coming from the source has itself evolved.The binary star Sirius has itself begun evolving to a higher vibrational frequency and therefore no longer transmits or relays information of the same nature and cannot be manipulated in the same way.This is acting out much as I described in the post” The compression and self-destruction of the chains that bind the matrix“.Infinite consciousness and the experiences undertaken are no mistake,mistakes and success are just experiences viewed from a different perspective by lower and denser vibrational frequencies than the all knowing realm of the infinite chose to have those experiences within.How it all plays out and the finer details of the experience can come right down to the individuality of what we call our own lives,it is up to us all to ensure the experience of human existence is one of love and empathy,ever ongoing and expansive in nature. 








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