The Biggest Con?

What happens when the lights go out and why do we search for absolutes? 

It’s the surest and only undeniable fact of a physical life that one day sooner or later the experience we call life will come to an end.Yet it can seem at times that although someone has passed from our world we can see and sense them on a daily basis,whether it be in the face of another,the contact with their once possessions or just in remembrance of a shared experience.Why is this possible and why the skepticism when possible explanations are offered from outside the confines of many religious faiths and programmed response? Even if we look at the human experience and the human body from the point of view of it being an energy construct of sorts even mainstream science will tell us that energy cannot die, it transforms into another form or expression of energy.But there are still those who would believe,which is of course their right to do so,that when the body dies, that’s it, the shows over and nothing awaits us on“the other side”.I myself try to live my life not believing in something as such but in trusting the inner knowing of my own understandings and perceptions of my own chosen experience.I have lived through the perception of believing before in my life and to me to believe in a concept or an outcome of sorts is to always hold it at arms length and never to truly embrace it as your own free will and conscious choice.Then there are those among us who would exercise their right to believe that when death occurs they are some how judged by their given religions’ hierarchy in the realms beyond or by God himself and praised or punished according to how they lived their lives.Again here I am not having a go,disputing or miscalling anyone’s right to follow a religious faith and mean no offence to anyone’s heartfelt understandings of their own free will,this is simply my own interpretation of my own experience.There are also those amongst us who would see us living,in this body and on to the realms beyond,in what could be described as a vibrational system of hierarchy where upon the souls journey we are merely students of the divine not perhaps worthy of ascension just yet so we must exist in a sort of holding cycle re-experiencing life after life in the lower realms until we get it right because we are virgin souls on the road to enlightenment which is almost within our reach but always once more at arms length.                                                                                                                                               What if all these and other systems of “belief” were in place simply to hold us in our place and to prevent the true magnitude and possibility of the human experience from coming into the daily perceptions of this journey we have chosen?What would happen to all the systems of control imposed upon us if we all were aware of our own greatness and the possibility of creating our own possibility of experience, whether it be as a Christian,a Muslim,a Jew,a Buddhist,a Hindu or whatever you chose to express yourself as ?.There are many truths written within religion and it is up to the individual to make their own choices within their own life.There are also infinite truths and possibilities waiting within us all that can be brought forth with the courage to subjectively look at our own thoughts and inner feelings.Courage and self awareness are key to all our lives.If we chose to perceive ourselves as aspects of all that is,vibrational expressions of information experiencing themselves subjectively,then the veil of death is lifted and no-one truly dies.The form they took in their physical life experience is the only thing that is truly gone and the residual expression can still be perceived through our sensory capabilities and our in-built and natural connection to all aspects of consciousness.  Whether we have decided or not what our fate is beyond the veil of perceived death surely we can indeed agree that we are all “here now” as it were?.If we are agreed on this point then surely it would also make sense,whether we choose the expression belief or knowing,choose to be within religion or without, that our own life and the life experience of all others should be one of free will and free choice,never intentionally imposing our own life experience upon another in any way that removes their own choice(empathy).The way of life described is but a moment away if we have the courage just to live it and then perhaps the” con” is exposed and the control systems fail.  

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Dannion Brinkley:-near death experience


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