The written word

Why do they write everything down?

We all know of the written word and how it can be used for positive effect and also to express displeasure or even hatred.The written word can also be used as a form of control and manipulation to coerce the unsuspecting reader into a certain frame of mind or to create a reaction to a set of given circumstances.It is simply another way for the five sense experience of physical reality to decode and experience vibrational information from a given source.How easy then is it to manipulate the written word into a physical experience and what is the sigilistic nature of the ever expanding global dominance of the English language?

Many of us would choose to sit down and read a given set of instructions or a political manifesto per-say(for the latter I would recommend a comfortable chair and incontinent pants for the inevitable stomach crushing laughter)rather than to have it relayed to us by speech,it gives more time to analyze and digest what is being presented to us and for us perhaps to give a more reasoned response.Yet surely if things are written down and logged,at least for a time,there would be a chance of exposure of these words to an unintended audience?Lets look at the possibility that all things intended for the control of humanity within this given matrix of reality had to take some written or artistic form in order to manifest the intentions held within into the physical experience.

The primary understanding and decoding of this reality comes for most of us through sight.Before the vast majority of the human species could perceive or create the written word shapes and symbols were the main ways of containing and relaying information,we only need look at the ancient cave paintings and stone monuments to see proof of this.These works of the ancients were not just merely symbols,within each painting or stone to there eyes was an entire book,a source of information that could be relayed to the viewer in the blink of an eye and passed down through the generations.We are given the perception that in this “modern” world the written word is again at the cutting edge of our evolution and that what takes 10 pages in the written word to explain could be done(and still is in certain traditions) in a small picture or a sign.For myself this is not the truth,the written word itself is not of a sinister nature it is the intention behind some forms of use that bring in to question the need for constant literature in certain fields,which once read clearly state a given intention of harm to the people of the world in general(read the U.N AGENDA 21) for example.

The Sigilization of the English Language

  For those not familiar with the term or the word sigil, a sigil is a form or a symbol created or put together for use in the practice of all kinds of magic.The intention of the creator or an intended outcome can be charged vibrationaly within the sigil with the intent of casting a spell upon the viewer.

The English language itself is not what I am miscalling here it is the intention behind those that would use it as a conduit for malevolent reasons.However it is becoming more evident that the use of the English language globally is more than just for ease of documentation and communication.                               As vibrational information is passed down into this current experience of life,however controlled it is, it still has the possibility of being interpreted randomly and the experience played out from outside the control systems lengthy arms.So as all things of vibration within our experience are speeding up so must all things within the control system.A global and unified language,both written and spoken would help this immensely and the English language fits the bill.Even as I write this, old words are being replaced and fantastic diversities of the spoken and written word between regions are passing into history all in the name of our “global family”,after all who wants to be different anyway eh!

If one global language is the chosen conduit for Sigilization then the task becomes all the more easy.If the mass of information coming through to all peoples on all sides is holding the same vibrational blueprint then it is so much easier to manifest upon this earth their order of chaotic bloodletting.Even within Orwells’ prophetic 1984 the controlling of the language was being announced with phrases such as “double plus good” and inverted meanings given to its’ various ministries.But it goes way beyond what it is permissible to say,it is the actual hidden vibrational intent of the statement that holds the real illusion of power in their own eyes.The words written down in this reality are there to present to the viewer in sigilistic form the vibrational blueprint for their system of control.Even when out of plain sight a sigil still holds its’ resonance,all things within this experience we call life hold information of some sort,some of direct use to us and some that cause us panic for no apparent reason.It is up to us to decide what we do with the written word and how we use it,do we choose to pour love into our words or do we sit back and read and believe the words of fear,I know what I choose,,,,,,,,,,        

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