The Universal Soldier

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Why do both sides claim the moral high ground?

In all theaters of war both sides stand in defiance of each other more often than not claiming that they are the righteous possessors of the moral high ground.”God favors the righteous” does he not?Whos’ God are they trying to convince us of and what does it truly mean to be righteous?Let us also not forget the old and quite frankly pathetic mantra that we must “fight for peace” and that those who make the statement are never near the bullet or the bomb,true heroes to the end(not their own end of course).As always they need to convince other people to do it for them,people known now in many aspects of life as THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER and put even simpler you,me and anyone not within the clubs of the “elite”.

As in all circumstance of war the claim that God is on our side and we are fighting the good fight is used by the leaders on both sides to lift the spirits of the men and women actually doing the fighting.False statements of atrocity and corrupt opposing leaders are also deeply ingrained in the propaganda and justification for conflict.I would strongly suggest that the God or Gods they are presenting for the moral justification of the war are actually the perpetrator of all conflict that is being experienced,past,present and projected future within the bounds of what we call physical life.The notion that this is somehow a benevolent and all-protecting God is hypocritical to say the least as mindless slaughter is always the outcome and experience of both the victor and the vanquished,it is only the political spin(or bullshit as it’s commonly known)that attempts to portray the loss of human life and dignity as some kind of a victory for the common man and that we are “safer and more secure”now that another evil has been removed.The true identity of their claimed supreme being(s) is slowly being unmasked and in the not too distant future will become more apparent to a wider audience as the veils of this world are lifted,more of this in a later post.If we also take a look at the term and what it is to be righteous it is open to interpretation as no doubt our professed masters are aware.If to be righteous is to be law-abiding and morally correct then whose morals and whose laws are we to abide by within the grand scheme of things?Are we to bow down to the laws and hidden morals of corrupt showpiece politicians or do we look to the true and just wisdom of our own inherent connection to the infinite streams of consciousness that surround and envelop all things even those who have chosen to ignore it?Within us all we know what is right and what it wrong.Yet still the politicians manage to instill enough fear into us that their wars are fought and the agenda rolls on.Fear that takes a new face every day,perhaps it’s the guy next to you on the bus? or the guy just daring to be different and live through his own choices.They are now attempting to turn our children into paranoid,totally self policing vessels of the state injected with so many vaccines that their immune systems are on overload, desensitized by the perpetual slaughter on our TV screens and the must have latest video game .But still what matters as long as they still produce THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER to do their bidding and create their “free and democratic world”.

Why the Universal Soldier?

  The answer to this is simple and when we wake up and realize this their feudal games are over.                                                                                                                 At the top of the pyramid there is but a few(on the physical level and beyond)and through their own aloofness and self proclaimed nobility and right to rule they see the “common man” as no more than a commodity of slavery whose physical and spiritual well-being are expendable assets to be used at their will.Empathy is not in their vocabulary to say the least.To hang on to their illusion of power they have had to step up the onslaught on the human sensory experience and perception of self to ludicrous levels,just take a close look at how much blatant lying and hypocritical dogma comes out of  the mouths of the so called leaders of all the worlds political institutions,health organizations and institutional spin doctors.All carefully designed and intended to keep us in constant fear and confusion.But to their annoyance the world is waking up at a rate beyond their control.{please view the following link}

 We need to stand up now and stand in strength and unity.We must never fight or project thoughts or intentions of violence towards this system and expression of consciousness,those are its own experience and its own inevitable demise.The system will literally eat itself through its own nature of consumption and the realization that its power source has gone.When we stand united taking pride in the human experience and expressing it through love and empathy THE UNIVERSAL SOLDIER will no longer carry guns he will carry his brothers heart as if it was his own and to be a soldier will have a very different meaning indeed. 

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One Response to The Universal Soldier

  1. Yvonne says:

    thank you again, your words do really remind me of the way we must go, it is hard some times when faced with the many injust’s I see around me just locally, as you have said this is a micro cosom of the world as a whole, it is hard see above all this shit and some times all too easy to get down and feel powerless to such adversity, but these words remind me that in times when faced with difficulties it is our own thoughts and visions of love for all ect ect that will help create a better reality. keep up the good work you are doing Gary and a heart felt thanks to you

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