The Keys to Freedom

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        “I realise I hold the keys to freedom,I cannot let my life be ruled by threads,the time has come to make decisions,the changes have to be made”{lyrics by Derek Dick/music by Marillion}

It is us who have the power not the “elite”

We are but a heartbeat away from the open and widespread realisation that all is not what it seems,that we have been lied to and manipulated for millennia.It is so in our face now that I find it staggering that there are still people hurling abuse at those with the courage to stand up and say enough is enough and attempt to create a free world for our children and ourselves,still it must be hard to see the rest of the world with your head so far up your own backside deafened by your own fear and acquiesce.Even the so called political leaders no longer have that confident air of arrogance and belief in the agenda they are the spokesman for,they look more like guilty school boys with the thought that “they’ll never buy this one” emblazoned on their sheepish faces.Yet still, as our faces are rubbed in yet another symbolic custard pie along will trot their faithful steed the mainstream media to back them to the hilt and carry them onwards to their perceived realms of glory.And masses of humanity,manipulated into submission by overwork and debt will sit in front their TV’s too tired and desensitised to argue or question and onward does the agenda roll.

We all need to start taking time to question all we hear that is going on both locally and on the world stage,they are both fundamentally connected as they are expressions of the same force (microcosms of the macrocosm)playing out sometimes subtly at a local level e.g cameras in the local pub “for your comfort and safety” and the increasing militarisation of the worlds police forces as conditioning for a global governance that will monitor your every move through constant surveillance of a micro-chipped population linked to a centralised hive computer and an overbearing police state,again no doubt “for your comfort and safety”.As this process speeds up so must,and indeed will,the awakening to it, the things that can seem blatantly obvious to someone who has been experiencing their life from a much wider perspective will present themselves sometimes in a somewhat startling fashion to many as the massive pennies drop and their veils are lifted.Now,then and always unity,strength, empathy and compassion for all peoples at what ever stage of the awakening of humanity and the physical experience they are at is what is required to begin a life experience of true freedom.

Walking through the door to freedom is not achieved through some strange act of initiation or achieved with the permission of another from within some form of usurped body of power IT IS OUR NATURAL STATE.The threads of this matrix we call life have been carefully woven together to create the illusion of separation from ourselves and the wisdom of the true and infinite capabilities and possibilities of the physical experience.Only when we stop looking for some magic KEY to unlock the door that never was there,when we stop bowing down to ludicrous laws of enslavement and chase the controllers of the money lenders from the temples we allowed to be created,when we take courage in ourselves and our fellow souls around us ,then we can make the wise and conscious choice to live life in its true and natural state.       


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