Why do we let them hurt our children?

The removal of choice from our childrens path

For the sake of our children and for the sake of our own experience in this world we must be stronger and more resolute in how we deal with the actions of the few and how we ourselves are used to implement and enforce them.As the agenda for the global enslavement of humanity rolls on and the attempt to remove more of our civil liberties and the right to free expression is ludicrously sold to us as the protection of a free and democratic society,the system that would bind us in chains needs a willing accomplice.What better a way to control the controlled than to program into the Psyche of the children of this world the perception and belief that might is right and the governments of the world are there always to protect and to question or doubt this is an act of terrorism and must be crushed or the world will fall to pieces.It is a tactic that has been used to great success down through the centuries in countries across the globe repeating itself time and time again at the core of every dictatorship.No matter how the dictatorship chooses to present itself or what mask it attempts to hide behind the manipulation through fear and the mind control and manipulation of the children is always present at the heart.It has been and still is an attempted method of hard-wiring and programming into the DNA of the human physical experience the act of compliance and servitude to any given authorized body of the given state.The removal and the perception of individual expression has to be eradicated from the five sense journey if their plan is to succeed in any way so through every generation the children are exposed at varying degrees to the suppression of self and all knowing wisdom and care of a system which loves them and will always be there to defend them from the evils of those who will not play their game.AND WE NOT ONLY ALLOW IT,WE SUPPORT IT THROUGH COMPLIANCE AND SERVITUDE.


Lets teach the children their right of choice

Is it not about time we gave ourselves a bloody good shake and got up off our arse and did something about it?How long will the human race sit in its’ armchair shouting abuse at politicians from behind closed doors,bold and defiant,yet secure in the fact that no-one can hear?Is this world of murder and chaos what you would have our beautiful and innocent children inherit?How many flag draped coffins,on all “sides” will it take before enough is enough?How many homeless,starving,broken and bloodied souls of this earth must we see on our TV screens before humanity realizes it is being played for a fool by a cowardly faceless few.A few so powerful and mighty that they dare not show their face to us all,a few so powerful that they need us to destroy ourselves and live through base emotions such as fear to feed their own hollow and energy impoverished existence.

We are the powerful in this experience,we have the power to change this world overnight.So far upon this journey we call the Human race we have chosen through manipulated circumstance,but never the less still chosen,to, as a whole experience and be subservient to a system of hierarchy on both the physical and the spiritual levels.Time now I think to move on and experience our true and natural state whilst within the five sense experience.The conscious awareness of all that is and ever will be to guide us through the confines of the physical world.Would this not be a great way to teach our children,to teach them that they are open and free expressions of consciousness and love not objects of servitude that have no choice,that they have the ability to create their own future hand in hand with the earth and its’ gifts.

The way ahead is simple yet full of hard choices and new perceptions.We should no longer bow down to laws of oppression or fight the wars of our own enslavement.We should not yield to corrupt systems of government ruled by corrupt private banking corporations who see us as commodities of the given state.We should not allow the utterly insane and corrupt corporations of BIG PHARMA to poison our children through profit based vaccination programs before their immune systems are even developed.                                                          We should however bring to task all those who seek to enforce this oppression.Question all you can and never use violence or oppressive methods,those are their own expressions and they can keep them.If we do all things through the intention of love,love will be the outcome,remember,”ITS’ JUST A RIDE“,,,,lets make it a good one!!!    

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Well writen Gary, and thank you for taking the time to put this on your site, it has been yet again an inspiration.

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