Starry Starry Night

The struggle of expressing higher realms of consciousness through a physical experience.

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Starry Starry Night by Don McLean[The paintings of Vincent Van-Gogh](Two men who dared just to be themselves,GENIUS)

Genius is a word that is thrown around without much thought or care nowadays and is applied by many just to describe the clever placing of a word or the grace and timing of a sportsman,but to me true genius is more often than not just the courage to be yourself and to allow your own creative genius to flow,expressed within the physical experience.To have the courage to allow your truest and innermost visions to become manifest in this world without fear of ridicule or oppression.This simple statement is so easy to say yet to achieve and actually live a life this way is always tainted with struggle,sometimes self inflicted and sometimes forced upon the individual by the ignorance and fear of others.It can also be made more difficult without the realisation that you are trying to express the KNOWING of INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS through the limitations of a programmed five sense reality.

All of us have dreams and visions,moments when we seemingly remove our awareness from what we call the world and are off “somewhere else in a world of our own”.As children at school we are all told off for “day-dreaming” and removing our attention from the lesson when instead it would be more beneficial to the human experience if we were encouraged to explore these moments of expanded awareness.“Day-dreaming” is only a brief trip into right-brain awareness and experience,the right part of the brain is what connects the physical experience to the realms of consciousness beyond and our true and infinite state of being.To be truly creative and express uniqueness and a strong persona of individuality the right brain must be the guide and the left brain the instrument through which the experience is played out.Our schooling systems and society as a whole is brought up and manipulated into the programmed and less flowing expressions of left brain activity.All things must have sequential,ordered and controlled places within such a system and individuality does not fit the PROGRAM it REMOVES IT so the control system must remove individual acts of expressional genius to ensure its’ own survival,this MUST be overcome.

To some in our world still living in fear,although not probably realizing it,laughing or hurling abuse at people whose expression and perception of life is “different” from the “permitted” day to day playing out of the matrix is an acceptable thing to do.It’s ok to do these things because he or she “is a nutter or a weirdo” and “there’s something missing there”.What these sad people do not realise is that they themselves are the ones who have something missing.They are missing the connection and realisation within their own experience that would set them free from their own self-built and self-policed cell and by their own acts of denial and abuse strengthen the vibrational walls of their own limited-perception prison.To quote the song,”they would not listen,their not listening still,perhaps they never will”.

Lets be the genius within us all

Lets make the time we have chosen to be here a time when freedom,love and empathy are the by-words of society,when to be creative and to be different is embraced and encouraged,not suppressed and ridiculed.How much true genius has been stricken from this beautiful world through ignorance and fear?How long will we continue to allow this to happen,where is the line in the sand?                                                                                                                                            When we deny the spark of our own individual genius its own path of creativity we are removing from ourselves and others the experience of life as a free entity and living as slaves to a collective of oppression.Yes the road can be and indeed at times is very hard and a struggle,but the rewards are enormous and the sense of a manifesting inner peace within all humanity is growing at an astonishing rate.The children of this earth WILL grow up without fear or hunger,without slavery and abuse,without the tears of despair.We MUST reach inside and explore our dreams and visions,DO NOT live in fear of yourself and ridicule of others,walk free in your heart and perhaps you too will have a STARRY STARRY NIGHT!

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