Will You Follow a Programmed Armageddon?

The choreography of the last play

The stage is being set and the actors are being placed upon their marks after eons in the wings,the scripts have been rehearsed time and time again in full view for those with eyes to see.All that remains for the successful enactment of the show is for Joe Public to be a willing co-star and support the leading prima-donnas’,for that is what they are,shallow cowards with levels of insecurity and self-importance that staggers the mind.What they are attempting to enact now upon this earth can in no way take place unless we ourselves play our part.If we allow ourselves to be manipulated into areas of conflict and confusion before we know it George Orwells world of oppression will seem like a holiday camp compared to what is planned for humanity.KNOW your own mind,KNOW your own heart,KNOW what is right for the good of all and have the courage to live it.

What is being attempted is the beginnings of the last act,the physical playing out of a set of scripts that were written beyond our given perception of time and reality.Scripts that were designed to cover all aspects and every eventuality,yet what was missed by the scriptwriters was that it was in fact a road map to the demise of the very thing they sought,total dominance of all things.Without dominance of their own expressions of physicality and limited consciousness how can they dominate others?They cannot,they can however manipulate us into thinking and perceiving that we are dominated and bring about our own demise through our own ignorance.Time we gave ourselves a good kick up the backside I think and expressed our true potential.

Help those who do not understand

There are those within and outwith our governments and systems of control that will be in genuine states of panic and hopelessness as they watch what they perceive to be important and necessary systems of government and financial institutions crumble.They will then as the script demands then beg for the solution to ensure this never happens again and the agenda of centralization will march on to the next act under the control of those beyond the smokescreen of government.We must withhold from projecting anger towards these people,education and understanding are perhaps the way forward in this along with an inner and outer knowing and expressing of love and empathy.The system is dependent on a programmed and projected set of responses being played out by those so enslaved and entrapped within the vibrational frequencies of the manipulated matrix we call reality.A matrix so complex and interwoven that when many of us first realise its actual existence it can cause our own perceived reality to crash and think that it is “all powerful” and “all encompassing”,it is not.It is so complex and so intricate,and dare I say genius,from the point of view of MIND because in truth that is the only place it can have any sense of power and control.If we allow ourselves to live solely through the mind then we will live and experience only which the mind and its limited perception will allow us to according to how it is programmed and manipulated.If we allow ourselves to use the mind as a vehicle and our consciousness as the driver then the possibilities of the experience widen dramatically.When we allow the experience to be driven by consciousness things are not as complex or overbearing,they become simple truths and a deep sense of KNOWING becomes integral within the experience.There is no such need for detailed and insanely structured systems of government when consciousness is the driver because it manifests in a state of KNOWING and needs no get out clause or back up.There is no requirement for the greed and insanity of the current financial set up because consciousness is already rich beyond comprehension in the true sense and meaning of wealth.What good is there in owning 10 Ferrari’s if your soul is corrupt and spent?

Lets take a walk                                      
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Martin Luther King:-The arc of the moral universe

It’s now time to walk the walk and not just talk the talk,do you really want a free and conscious life or do you just like to think about it?                                       Do you really want your children to live in peace and harmony or do you just want to talk about it?                                                                                                                   Do you really want to spend every waking hour working just to pay for your own prison cell?                                                                                                                              NEVER USE VIOLENCE,NEVER USE HATE. These are the tools of the oppressor and you will become as such.                                                                               DO ALL THINGS THROUGH THE CONSCIOUS INTENTION OF LOVE AND DO NOT FEAR THE KNOWING OF YOUR OWN SELF

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