Don,t be afraid “Everybody Hurts Sometime”

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Taking the time to look inside to see the outside

Day in day out we meet and pass the time with other people,sometimes its just a meeting of the eyes as we pass through a doorway or a sideways glance in the street.How often do we stop to ask ourselves or wonder what that person is really thinking or feeling?Have they felt the same as me?Have they experienced the same pains as me?Have they been through the same emotional journeys as I have?I think we would all be surprised to find how many people have experienced similar periods of perceived hardship in their lives,I say similar because no two experiences can ever be exactly the same as they are always viewed from a slightly different perspective,yet they still appear to be the same when viewed with hindsight.

So many of the human race are being forced into the “belief” that we are at a stage in the evolution and expansion of the human race that all things and all the situations surrounding our everyday lives is at a point of collapse.That we ourselves are not wise or clever enough to find solutions to the manufactured problems being placed before us,problems placed before us to keep us confused and in a state of high stress and anxiety.To put us in a place where we get so wound up that we have no time to think or to express our own true self or create our own futures.Why wouldn’t we considering we are all tuned in to the same controlled and manipulated vibrational matrix of control.The perceived pressures of this life can sometimes put us in a place in our heads where we think that we are the only ones feeling this way or that the pressure is too much and to go on in this life is just not worth the struggle because you are too weak and have nothing left to give.It can be a very lonely place indeed and the world can seem very dark and devoid of happiness,I know this because I have been there myself and spent long periods of my life going in and out of depression caused by many different factors and experiences but mainly the inability and lack of courage to be myself.To accept that how I see this world and my experiences on this journey of life have all happened for a reason and that no matter how bizarre they may seem to some people other people will see them as a shared path as they too have experienced similar.To understand that this journey is mine and mine alone yet I can NEVER be alone as to me all things are part of the infinite beauty of infinite love.

If we take a little time each day just to think for and be ourselves things even out and slow down and you can start to see the bigger picture.It sounds simple but it does take positive intention and courage,we all have this in abundance and with love and support we can reach deep inside and bring it through into our daily lives.Remember:-DON’T BE AFRAID “EVERYBODY HURTS SOMETIME” .

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2 Responses to Don,t be afraid “Everybody Hurts Sometime”

  1. Suneetra says:

    So true, too many of us have forgotten the strength that is within us, and also the connectivity we have to all that is around us. There is a fine balance between the two. Thank you for sharing!

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