the political establishment

The narcissistic puppets of the elite

Where and how do you begin to describe the levels of arrogance and sheer ignorance that is being crammed down our throats by the portrayed leaders and saviors of manufactured chaos and destruction upon the world stage.I can understand that there will be some people that choose to see presidents and prime ministers alike as the democratically elected representatives of their country and that they would like to believe that they are there to help the peoples of their country.What I struggle with personally is the blind refusal of certain people to actually stop for a moment and look at what is being said and done supposedly in their name and for the betterment of their own lives.The same script is repeated time and time again almost word for word to justify yet more slaughter and more “austerity measures” to somehow create peace and prosperity in the world.Surely with just a cursory glance at the world stage and who is upon it an open and conscious individual would see a series of events unfolding that has a glaringly obvious agenda attached to them?An agenda perhaps so horrific in its manifestation upon this earth that some people cannot and do not wish to acknowledge its existence because to do so they would have to admit thy have been played for a fool.Well I would suggest that a large portion of humble pie is consumed along with a self-administered kick up the arse before a world of fascism that would make Hitler wince is unleashed upon us all.Remember without our consensual participation in these events they cannot and will not unfold.When was the last time any elected official kept their selection(oops I mean election) campaign promises?They let the public hear what they want to hear to change the face of the control systems spokes person then once the chosen saviour is in place onwards with the agenda and bollocks to Joe Public as usual.

We have now on a daily basis a collection of leaders saying to us that basically we must enslave ourselves through debt to a PRIVATE CARTEL of faceless cowards for the foreseeable future and beyond.A debt that is not only so massive it is almost impossible to comprehend,but a debt that does not exist and was created solely for the purpose of control and subjugation of the free human experience to a level of consciousness beyond the sight of many of us.YES FOLKS TO SAVE US FROM DISASTER WE MUST ENSLAVE OURSELVES TO THE VERY SYSTEM THAT MANIPULATED US INTO THE CURRENT SITUATION,GENIUS! .The bold words of David Cameron prime minister of Britain “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” could not be further from the truth,yet at the same time the deeper truth of this statement will become apparent for as the throne of the world comes into view the puppet masters will cast them all aside as loyalty means nothing to them,only servitude and the obedience to the cause.Sarkozy,Merkel,Berlusconi,Papandreou,Obama,Cameron,Harper and all the other spokesmen of the cause will only be there as long as they serve their purpose and serve it they must for they are committed to their masters cause by their own actions in this life.Some will be in full knowledge of who is behind the curtain others will simply do what they feel they must in many cases believing they are the ones who have come up with the ideas for illusory policy diktats that attempt to control us all,their eyes too fixed upon there own reflection and illusion of power to notice how far up shit creek they are themselves and that they set upon their journey with no paddle or compass in the first place.Wake up guys your MASTERS do not do empathy!!!  


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