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Dire Straits:-Brothers in Arms

On the 11th of the 11th on the 11th hour in the 11th year of this millennium tradition once again takes its place as people from around this world bow there heads and offer their thoughts and prayers to those who did not make that final journey home from war to their loved ones.Memories will flood back of how the dead lived their lives and what they strove for in this life believing in their hearts that they were right to do what they did and that through these actions peace will one day be upon us through the sacrifice of the many.Let us not forget that these same dreams and aspirations are held on all sides of conflict by the soldier doing the fighting,fighting as they believed,for the freedom and security of their own loved ones.I cannot and will not say anything against the individual souls who have left this world and the truths they held within their hearts when they were with us in this world,they lived their own choices as is their right and my heart goes out to those they left behind.It is the bigger picture I wish to speak of and the cowards that convince us of the need for war.

Politician after politician in all the countries who engage in war stand before their people convincing them of the next great evil that is about to take away their ever diminishing freedoms.The pre-written script that has been used time and time again in recent times is rolled out almost word for word. Basically,the brutal dictator who persecutes the peoples of their country, harbors terrorists and let us not forget the all singing all dancing weapons of mass destruction or nuclear weapons program hidden in a civilian building or beneath the ground.The politicians and their masters behind the curtains shall of course in no way be involved in any real fighting as no doubt they all have a bad back,but don’t worry they’ll be right behind you when the balloon goes up(several long miles behind you).The whole scenario and the excuses for war would be utterly laughable if they were not so deadly serious.When are we going to realise that THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN HOW MANY DIE OR WHAT DESTRUCTION THEY CAUSE all that matters is that the agenda for total world dominance is achieved.We see once again the script being played out and repeated for the legitimacy of a war with Iran and the ever increasing and hardly reported attacks on Pakistan so they can complete the control of all countries right through to and surrounding the Russian and Chinese borders.Africa,the garden of this earth,is being systematically turned into a wasteland with its various countries controlled by either Western or Chinese interests(on the surface at least)but in reality controlled by the same force to also hasten their dearly wished for third world war.A war that will put an end to a free human experience for all time and finally hand the deeply sick and cowardly pullers of the strings and their puppets their prized one world government system they have schemed so long for.The current manufactured financial crisis goes hand in hand with this and the same pattern of manipulation through fear is followed again almost word for word country by country within the euro zone and beyond.To instill within us the fear of a world financial crash that the only solution would be to create a one world bank that all peoples of the earth are in debt to for there entire lives paying off levels of debt that cannot and were never meant to be payed off.

To achieve these goals they of course must convince the common working man to do their bidding,to instill in us the belief that we must “fight for peace”.Whether the fight is to take place upon the battlefield or the stock market floor the fight for survival and the fear of illusory consequences must be ingrained into the psyche of the masses for this to work and to hell with those the system discards(just collateral damage to a corporate commodity system).WHAT UTTER AND COMPLETE BOLLOCKS.



On this day perhaps as we take time to remember or lost loved ones,our fathers,mothers,wives,brothers,sisters,friends and comrades we should also take time to remember who we all are.To remember that without a given political divide,religious divide,national divide,ethnic divide or any other form of manufactured separation of the human experience that is given WE ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME BEAUTIFUL WORLD.To remember that WE ARE ALL HERE TO LIVE A FREE LIFE AND THAT TO BE FREE IS OUR NATURAL STATE IT IS NOT SOMETHING GIVEN BY A THIRD PARTY OR TO BE TAKEN BY FORCE.To remember that YOU WILL ALWAYS BECOME PART OF WHAT YOU HATE AND THAT FIGHTING ONLY REPLACES ONE PERCEIVED LEVEL OF OPPRESSION WITH ANOTHER HOWEVER SEDATE IT FIRST APPEARS.To remember that WE ARE ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION ASPECTS AND EXPRESSIONS OF INFINITE LOVE AND WE ARE TRULY ONLY FIGHTING OURSELVES.

May the souls of all who have left this world fly forever more in eternal peace.

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John Lennon:-Working class hero  

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  1. Gregor Mcleod says:

    For thousands of years as far as i can see the same reasons for war have been used , in the name off peace, to stop the barbarians from killing our familys and stealing our food, to protect borders from an unseen enemy, leaders from to alexander the great to julius ceaser, conquer the world, enslave populations, murder hundreds of thousands of people, in the name of peace then re-educate to think what they want you to think.and how they want you to think, during campains alexander had statues made of himself weilding weapons and fighting,to show him as an all powerfull (god) installing fear, when these lands were conquered he had money printed showing himself as an enlightend enducated man, everyone saw his face everyone knew who he was, ceaser used the same methods, this method is still used today, look in citys across the world you will see statues of ceaser, vespasian, napoleon, etc, spreading a thought larger empire, smaller seat of power ceaser started out as a republican for the people he ended up an emperor. napolean was a revolutionary he ended up an emperor, it seams to me humanity repeats itself, allways looking for a leader to save us, somebody must do something, because it must be someones fault, maybe if we look to each other as people, human beings, to be treated with respect, it might only start with one person helping another, it could end up, with us doing something for ourselves something amazing, but what ever we do violence, cant be the way war only leads to suffering, its an easy lesson we taught ourselves just look at our own history its maybe over simplyfying things to say forgive ourselves and start again, after all we start again every morning, This is just how i see things.

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