One childs voice in a fathers ear



Please Daddy my Daddy give us peace on this earth

Please show me the truth of what my life is worth

I have lain down at night for thousands of years

With the echoing sound of all children’s tears

I have come to this life just to run and have fun

To live life to the full as a proud loving son

But my heart has grown heavy the world has grown weak

And friend after friend wakes no more as I speak

Please Daddy my Daddy give us peace on this earth

I have pleaded and begged now for all I am worth

My Daddy my Daddy I know you see truth

I know that your heart it is smothered with pride

 That deep in your soul you can still turn the tide

Your eyes they once saw all the wonders of  youth

That deep down inside you would still live their truth

Be strong for my freedom be strong for my soul

For the love of all children you must reach this goal

Please Daddy my Daddy give us peace on this earth

My voice has been silent been muted by fear

But now comes the truth of why I came here

I came here to love,create and be free,Daddy my friend oh why cant you see

That I came here as you and you came as me

Oh Daddy my Daddy have strength in your heart

Just fight no more and then our life could start


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Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu:-Bapa(father)

English Translation

Grief have taken hold of me
for my father
when the sun sets
o..h, beloved father

Crying and crying
when the sun goes down
my mind there at Bekulnura
o..h, beloved father
m..m m..m m..

Two Gumatj ladies crying
ancestor boss ladies Dhuwandjika and Daylulu
when the sun sets
my mind there at the place Gunyanara (Belkulnara)
m..m m..m m.

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu (born 1970) is an indigenous Australian musician, who sings in the Yolngu language. He was born on Elcho Island, off the coast of Arnhem Land, Northern Australia about 350 miles from Darwin. He is from the Gumatj clan of the Yolngu and his mother from the Galpu nation.[1]. He was born blind, has never learned Braille and does not have a guide dog or use a white cane. Yunupingu speaks only a few words of English, and is said to be acutely shy.
He plays drums, keyboards, guitar (a right hand-strung guitar left-handed) and didgeridoo, but it is the clarity of his singing voice that has attracted rave reviews. He sings stories of his land in both languages (Gälpu, Gumatj or Djambarrpuynu, all Yolŋu Matha) and English.[3] Formerly with Yothu Yindi, he is now with Saltwater Band.


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