the lower 5 sefirot and the control of the matrix

The manipulation of this world through the earths energy centers and ley-lines.           





The pictures above are of a very small number of places upon this earth that have a strong significance in relation as to how the energy of the earth flows from a to b and beyond.They are physical markers upon the landscape of intersections of the energy matrix that helps define our earth and our perception of it as is interpretated through the body’s biological computer system.Energy is simply vibration and vibration itself is merely information waiting to be accessed in a certain way by the seeker and the conduit through which it will be experienced in the desired manner.The natural state of the “energies” that align and flow through both the physical earth and the physical expression of what we call our bodies are fundamentally connected,they are in fact the same.It is how and why all life evolves(or in truth becomes manifest through a connected choice of experience)on all planets,the life force(vibrational information)of both the life upon and within the planet of choice are of the same compatible source,they are one in the same at their core of experience.Life cannot sustain existence upon its host indefinitely if they are not in harmonic resonance with each-other i.e manifesting the experience through the same compatible and harmonic source of information.This flow has been corrupted upon this earth and beyond by expressions of consciousness that are not compatible with this earth or the life upon it.The corruption is multi-layered and has many avenues down which it travels,I shall deal with my own experience of what is happening through the earth grid that I have witnessed and experienced so far and its connection to the lower 5 sefirot as they are portrayed in their form upon the KABBALAH’S TREE OF LIFE.There are many interpretations of the tree of life and its religious affiliations and connections ,what I am writing about here is the vibrational connection between the symbology of the sefirot and the information being passed through the earths energy grid.

                                                      The Sefirot in Jewish Kabbalah

                                                               TREE OF LIFE

The 5 sefirot I am dealing with here are Gevurah,Hesed,Hod,Netzah and Malkhut.

They are aligned as such in the pattern above specifically in this formation to enhance and manipulate the energies they represent upon the realms of physicality.They are in fact manipulated spheres of corrupt photon energy designed to create and enhance their desired effect upon the earth and those manifest upon it.The main placing and most concentrated center of this manipulation is at Stonehenge in Wiltshire England.Stonehenge is a highly significant energy center upon the earth and the world wide attention and focus upon it within many belief systems and mystical tales of the esoteric is staggering.The sheer numbers that flock there at the time of the summer solstice shows only part of the attention it receives,and as is said “where attention goes energy flows”.Imagine the sheer scale of the energy that can be enhanced and used either for good or evil.Let’s look at the sefirot individually and then bring them together again in this context.What I am dealing with in the following is my own experience of the vibrational information and how it is manipulated to manifest within each of the sefirot and be downloaded to the earth grid not the specific interpretations of the Hebrew scholars or anyone else who chooses as they must to follow their own heart. 


Gevurah (Might) (also called Din [Judgment]) counterbalances Hesed. Without Gevurah, the world would be so overwhelmed by God’s love that it would be reabsorbed into the Divine; without Hesed, God’s judgment would unleash forces of destruction on the world. It must be noted that the seeds of the Sitra Akhra (literally “Other Side,” a reference to demonic forces of evil) are found inGevurah, as well; Sefer ha‑Zohar teaches that an excess of Gevurah is the source of Ultimate Evil. It is the balance of Justice and Mercy evoked repeatedly in Tanakh, Talmud, and midrash, that is the key to the world’s thriving. And that balance, necessary in the Divine realm, is also essential in human endeavor.Gevurah is associated with Elohim as the name of God. It corresponds to the left arm. Gevurah‘s color is red.


Hesed (Loving kindness) represents the generous, benevolent side of God, the quality of unconditional Divine Love. Hesed is often translated in this context as “love,” “compassion,” or “grace.”

Hesed is associated with the Divine name El or El Elyon (Supreme God). It corresponds to the right arm.Hesed‘s color is white.


Netzah (Victory) and Hod (Splendor) are counterparts to one another. They may be seen as more earthly versions of Hesed and Gevurah, respectively. The former represents God’s active grace and benevolence in the world, the latter the manner in which the judgment of the Deity is dispensed on earth. Hod is also associated with the power of prophecy.

Netzah and Hod are associated with the Divine names YHVH Tsva’ot (Lord of Hosts)and Elohim Tsva’ot(God of Hosts), respectively. Netzah corresponds to the right leg, Hod the left, but they are also often linked to the left and right kidneys (sources of advice in talmudic lore), the testicles, or the female breasts (sources of fertility and nurturing sustenance, respectively). Netzah‘s color is light pink, Hod‘s dark pin


Malkhut (Sovereignty) is the culmination and synthesis of all the attributes of God, the recipient of all the forces in play in the delicate balance of the sefirot, and the quality that links the Eternal Sovereign to the “real” world. Malkhut is perhaps more familiarly known as the Shekhinah, the Divine Presence, God’s immanent and female aspect, the way in which we experience the Divine.In some kabbalistic systems, Malkhut corresponds to the feet but in others it is said to be associated with the mouth. Malkhut is associated with the name Adonai (Our Lord) or the final hey of the Tetragrammaton.Malkhut‘s colors are blue and black.

If we take the main themes of all the 5 sefirot in this construct we can see how they could be manipulated in vibrational form and used to create certain attributes and experiences upon and within the earth and those here to experience a physical life.                                                                                                           Might and judgement within the physical experience can be very powerful attributes to have if they are used in conjunction with empathy and love but if they are manipulated into the need for control over someone or something they are very dangerous attributes indeed.If divine love is the experience of choice this too can be greatly enhanced through love and empathy but this also depends upon the interpretation of the divine.If the interpretation of divine is to give oneself over to the power of a perceived deity beyond the individuals reach then this can leave the individual open to any number of possible outcomes that do not truly come from free choice.To achieve victory and revel in the splendor then as always there must be a circumstance or and experience that has to be overcome or vanquished.This within a personal journey is of course of great significance yet if these attributes are being used through the perceived need for conquest or mastery then they are disastrous to say the least and will always lead to more upheaval.Then finally we come to sovereignty,our own sovereignty of our own physical experience and the earth we have come to live WITH.If our interpretation of sovereignty is merely confined to the physical body and the world it inhabits then I think we may be missing the point and the true nature of reality and our interpretive experience within our chosen manifestation.If what’s happening to both ourselves and this earth is to be understood and healed then we must start to open up to the full possibility of who and what we are.      


We are all without exception aspects of infinite consciousness and love,even those who are living their life through ignorance and the emotion of fear.Even the levels of consciousness that are manipulating and helping make manifest the chaos that this world has become are part of it to,they are in a deeper state of experienced ignorance than even the most corrupt expressions of humanity that are walking this earth at the moment.They have chosen to live and experience there part of all that is through the emotion of fear and would have us do the same because without the vibrational frequency generated by fear they shall cease to exist in their current form.They know full well that the default state if you like of all free existence is love and the attributes that go hand in hand with love,trust and empathy.If you are in full knowledge and understanding of the vibrational nature of reality and exist outside these given attributes then nothing is beyond your reach in terms of destruction and hate and the manipulation of those living through these attributes can be oh so simple.The manipulation of the earths energy grid is but a mirror of the true nature of the experience perpetrated by levels of consciousness that are between what we would perhaps perceive as present reality and the further(higher)realms of reality and consciousness beyond.They are not all powerful and they are only in control because we allow them that status.It is time to remove the mirror and see beyond the doors of illusion to the realms of all possibility that have always been within our grasp,remember folks “IT’S JUST A RIDE”. 



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