In the arms of the angels

For Joan and her Angels of Secrets,may this give you strength.

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Sarah McLachlan:-In the arms of an angel

In the arms of the angels

In the arms of all the angels held in purple hew

So many they are there with hearts like me and you

When life’s woes drag you under and heaven seems so far

The arms of loving angels do lift you to the stars

A lonely empty hollow this world can surely seem

Now passing angels feathers and soon is distant dreams

For when we look intently the shadows were not fears 

They were but angels kisses shrouded by our tears

It’s time now to grow stronger it’s time now to know love

For all of heavens angels are aren’t living high above

They walk amongst you daily with hearts of love so pure

Just waiting in their wings till your words they were sure

Our pains they are just memories it’s up to us to choose

When they no longer bruise us and cause us to confuse

The shackles they are broken the chains they have fell down

And now my dear sweet lady it’s time to wear your crown

No longer a young princess seeking castles from afar

The queen of your existence is what you truly are

Now walk toward the sunrise and see all loving things

For Joan you truly are being held by angels wings

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One Response to In the arms of the angels

  1. Joan Angel says:

    Dear Gary,

    I am so deeply moved by your poem and video, you brought joyous tears to my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You make me feel like my stories matter, that there is purpose and meaning to all I’ve endured and how important it is to share the stories of the silenced Angels.

    God bless you.

    Love, Joan

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