A new year approaches and the experience of life goes on.What will it bring and what will  the human race choose as its’ path?Will we continue down the round to unimaginable tyranny and a life experience removed from the true realms of consciousness that is all things?A path that would see the end of the human race and an end to a loving physical interaction with all that the physical realms can offer.What is unfolding now in our world is so blatantly in our face that I find it staggering that some still choose to ignore it,WE ARE BEING BLATANTLY AND SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROYED AS A SPECIES.How much longer are we going to allow ourselves and our children to be manipulated and poisoned?How many destructive wars are we going to agree to fight for the spineless scum in suits and their masters in the shadows.Masters that shall soon be exposed to the world and when they do it will shock and astound many of us.But do not be afraid when the curtain finally falls and the wizards are exposed for it is you who have the power and it is them who are afraid to live.The exposure comes through the inevitable awakening of consciousness that we have all come to experience.The ability to “see” the realms beyond that have been purposefully hidden from our perception by years of manipulation and deceit by levels of consciousness that can only live through fear and would have us do the same.It is time to end this farce and end it quick,we have the ability and we have the power.It is  time to live this life through love and to bring about the true change this world so dearly needs through peaceful means and conscious acts of empathic reasoning.The choice is ours, lets get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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