In defense of David Icke


Why is it that when anyone has the courage to stand up and speak their truth and dedicate their life to exposing the true nature of what is happening in this world that the so called “free and impartial” media must destroy them?Once more it seems that this is the time to(attempt) discredit and demean a man called David Icke,a man who has for more than 20 years dedicated his life trying to understand and expose the true nature of this reality we call life,no mean undertaking to say the least.This world we have come to experience has so many more layers and possibilities than we have been led to believe that our current perception of it is embarrassing to say the least.Yet once more “the powers that be” have gone into panic mode over someone who,after many years of unrelenting and pathetic ridicule,is still here,still speaking his truth.I have followed Davids work for years now and have been to his marathon talks and had the pleasure of meeting him at Avebury a while back and found him to be one of the most fascinating and decent human beings it has been my pleasure to meet.It is his subject matter and the blatant playing out of scenarios described many years ago that has the self proclaimed big-wigs sweating.No longer does he stand in front of a small audience,no longer does the people of this world continue to sleep.David Icke now speaks to massive sell out crowds around the world as the true nature of this evil comes to the fore and a system of corruption and destruction unfolds before our eyes.People are now beginning to understand that we have been lied to and manipulated for eons and that what is fed to us by our so called governments is no more than brightly decorated bullshit designed to keep us all suppressed and hoping for a better day.A better day that cannot and will not arrive under humanities current self inflicted rule by cowards behind the veils of a usurped reality.

Could it be that what the mainstream media has been trying to suppress is in fact what David Icke has been speaking about all along?Could it be that these brave and bold expressions of humanity that seek to destroy him are merely hammering another nail into the structure of their own prison cell for the illusion of self importance and a quick buck?I think so!Oh how they have missed the bigger picture here!(here is the link to the latest tirade if you so wish to read it:-

I have no doubt there will be more attempts to discredit Davids work and words as time passes but also have no doubt that humanity is waking up and that the truth will indeed set us free.I also have no doubt that David Icke will continue to do what David Icke came here to do and that those who are seeking to discredit his work and commitment are wasting their time and effort.That which we wish to force upon another is merely a reflection of our own inner failures and fears.


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