The necessity of a free and empathic judiciary.



This world stands upon a precipice,a choice between true freedom and complete totalitarian fascism that would end any chance of a free human experience and the right to live life as we choose without forcing our will upon another.It is a choice that many are now coming to realise as the will of the few and the institutes they command manipulate us further into their world of chaos and control.A will that is enforced by a system increasingly occupied and orchestrated by peoples living their lives and expressing themselves through a level of consciousness that can only exist through fear.FEAR, the four letter word that has come to dominate all aspects of most peoples lives.FEAR,the four letter word that is no more than a perception and experience placed before us to understand and place into context.We fear the gas bill,the mortgage payment,the price of petrol,our health,our childrens health,the economy,corruption and government taxes etc and now we even fear the very institute within the system that is supposedly there to protect our rights and liberties namely the police force and the courts of “justice”of our lands(of course how else could it have turned out within such a system?).How could we let it come to this and why have the decent,humane and empathic members of our police forces and judiciary stood back and allowed themselves to become no more than puppets of a deeply sick and in-humane few?Not all persons of the establishment are corrupt but they have for what ever reason chosen to live their lives through fear and have lost their voice and have stepped aside from their true calling of protection and care.IT IS TIME TO STAND UP ONCE MORE LOSE THE FEAR AND REINSTATE YOURSELF WITHIN THE TRUTH OF  YOUR HEART  AND HELP REMOVE THE BILE THAT POISONS THE INSTITUTIONS OF OUR LANDS.


What truth is it I’m talking about here,my truth,your truth,the truth of all things?Truth again is only a perception and an experience that is placed before us and as we all have slightly different points of observation from which we view the experience to simply class one aspect of a situation as the absolute truth is as wrong as it is complex.Our systems of law and the laws they represent have become so fractionalized and compartmented that all aspects of truth can be both interpreted and misinterpreted to suit the outcome of the more knowledgeable party.The knowledge and understanding of such a system is way beyond the comprehension of the lay-person and the system knows this and exploits it to the full,how on earth can this be classed as just?                                                                                                                                      Within us all is the inherent ability to know when something is right or wrong,to know when we are about to enact something upon another that we would not wish acted upon our-self.Surely then it does not take too much of a stretch of the imagination to build a system of law based upon these simple values and inner knowings.For a society to function side by side in respect with any government or system of justice,even one as I have suggested above,those within that system must exude and emulate the values of the system.Unfortunately that is exactly what we are seeing at the minute,the system is corrupted so therefore as time passes all things within said system will begin to exude and emulate the vibrational signature of the system and become loyal to it no matter how abhorrent it is to their inner being.Those within the system who can see the blatant injustice and brutish nature of its statutes and laws MUST  stand up now for what they know to be right.                                                                                                                                                                                  As I said earlier we are on the precipice,but we do not have to follow the road of the tyrant,we can choose the road of peace and freedom.Remember that those within the system who choose to hold it upright and take the scraps from the table of corruption and its hidden masters will be the first to be abandoned when the proverbial hits the fan.If you know,feel and understand EMPATHY it would be very wise to live through those feelings now,those who have created this system DO NOT  and the illusions of power and security will soon fall away as leaves on the Autumn winds.         

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