Letter to Secretary for Justice


Gary Cluckie
25th January 2012

Kenny MacAskill MSP Secretary for Justice,
I am writting to you today with regards to the recent trial held in Stonehaven Sheriff Court of Robert Green,accused of breach of the peace and also in regards to the complete in-action and failure of Grampian Police to undertake a thorough,or indeed any,investigation into the alleged ritual satanic abuse of a woman with Downs Syndrome named Hollie Greig who also claimed to be witness to the ritual murder of an adult male.There is also the fact that there was next to no investigation into the death of Hollie Greigs uncle,a Mr Robert David Greig,on the 17th November 1997.Whereby within 4 to 5 hours of emergency services being on the scene a verdict of suicide was submitted in what can only be best described as dubious circumstances.Why the haste?,why the need for such speedy closure on a very suspicious death?,suspicious not only at the time but because as Hollie Greig stated later in the summer of 2000 when this all came to light Robert David Greig had walked in and witnessed her being abused and the abuser Dennis Charles Mackie(her father)had threatened to kill him.Suspicious also because it took Anne Greig her mother who was Roberts next of kin from the death of her brother to 31st December 2009 to receive a copy of the autopsy report despite many legitimate attempts to do so.
I know Mr MacAskill that you are already familiar with this case and these facts should come as no surprise as there have been several other points of contact by other parties on various occasions.I am merely re-stating them to emphasise that the facts of these deeply disturbing and sickening events are no longer privvy to a few and that the world is watching the astonishing and completely blatant attempts of a corrupt number of people to subdue any attempt of a thorough and open investigation.This cannot and indeed will not be allowed to simply go away.The media dare not touch this with a barge pole due to documented threats to The Drum,UK Column and google from former Lord Advocat Elish Angiolini through Levy&McCrae and perhaps other yet undisclosed parties yet to come to the fore.Dame Elish Angiolini was also denied as a witness in the trial of Robert Green despite being highly relevent to many aspects of all things concerned here and as it was her inaction and refusal to pusue the case as Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen when these astonishing revelations first came to light that set the course for the current state of affairs and the need for someone of great personal standing and sense of moral duty such as Robert Green to investigate and pusue the matter further.Why as Secretary for Justice are you allowing such an illegal,immoral and inhumane sequence of events to happen within the very system that is supposedly there to protect all victims of crime and seek true justice in their name?Have you Mr MacAskill taken the same position as Alex Salmond the 1st Minister and developed selective deafness when Hollie Greigs name is mentioned?Despite many avenues of correspondence from various individuals in an attempt to have our so called Justice system and our elected Ministers do their job Mr Salmond seems to choose to ignore all contact and perhaps hope this will somehow go away,it will not.Will you take the same route or will you stand up to whomever or whatever that apparently makes everyone else dive for cover?The mis-use and abuse of a so-called position of power is appalling enough to say the least but next to the satanic,ritual and sexual abuse of a child it is but a playground game for the illusion of power comes and goes but the abuse will last an eternity as will the haunting guilt of in-action that those who stand by and allow it to happen whilst having the ability to bring it to an end will suffer.
This whole shameful affair has dragged on too long and the only persons that have been subject to any pressure from Grampian Police are the innocent parties involved namely Hollie Greig,her mother Anne and now for the past while we have the harassment and bullying of Robert Green by the same so called officials through the strong arm of the Grampian Police force who seem to be a law unto themselves without recourse.The abusers of Hollie Greig still walk free without so much as a caution,free to abuse and inflict the horrors suffered by Hollie Greig upon which and whomever they choose.This is an utter disgrace in a country which claims to be of the highest moral standards and sells itself as a wonderful and safe environment to bring up your children,a country which claims to put the victim of a crime 1st and the perpetrator second.
This country has FAILED Hollie and Anne Greig,it has FAILED Robert David Greig,it has FAILED Robert Green and it has FAILED all the decent law abiding citizens of these lands who live their daily lives through a in-built empathic code founded on a moral humanitarian ethic that instinctly knows right from wrong.I would DEMAND from you Mr MacAskill in your capacity as Secretary for Justice that you step in and end the shame that Scotland has allowed to be brought upon its name by withdrawing the guilty verdict served upon Robert Green on 24th January 2012 at Stonehaven Sherrif Court and freeing from further anguish a man of the highest moral standing and decency.I would DEMAND from you Mr MacAskil in your capacity as Secretary for Justice that you instigate and engage in a full,open and thorough investigation into the alleged ritual satanic abuse of Hollie Greig and the failure of the Grampian Police Force to investigate these allegations in any way despite having credible evidence and the confirmed testimony of a credible witness in Hollie Greig herself as confirmed strangely enough by the police themselves. 
The worlds eyes are upon this and the shame of a nation grows by the hour,end the pain of the innocent NOW Mr MacAskill

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