When we watch our selected leaders,or more accurately spokespeople,give a speech or pass on the latest piece of propaganda that they wish us to believe,what is it that we are actually seeing or witnessing?Is it a fully functioning and aware expression of the human experience or is it perhaps just a vehicle that gives the impression of humanity in one of its many guises?I would say the latter.If you take the time to look into the eyes or examine the general demeanor of the person in question it becomes quite obvious that something is missing,something does not hold true,and I don’t just mean the nonsense that is coming out of their mouths.Here is one example:-

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 A speech by Tony Blair about a New World Order/Faith and Globalisation


Like I said something is missing,something does not hold true.There is a lack of genuine connection with everything else that is taking place and the conveying of the given agenda is all that matters.As with almost all speeches given by those who are in perceived positions of power the words and the message they are trying to sell have no connection or empathic realisation with the chosen target,i.e,the human race.The ideologies held within the message once viewed with an open questioning mind will almost always be found to point the human experience into an ever constricting and programmed existence.A further programmed existence that must always seek a higher power to solve even the most mundane set of circumstances because the human population cannot tend for itself on an individual level,or at least that is what they would have us believe.Indeed we must all come into a cloned collective way of thinking that bows down to the self appointed powers that be because they are indeed our saviours and all the chaos and death we are currently living through is indeed for our own good.Why would any rational sane person who was indeed the master of their own life and destiny pursue such a blatantly destructive and controlling avenue of thought and manipulation?Answer:-they would not.


All down through the ages those that have held the positions of power and have considered themselves as the elite,aristocracy or the upper classes have incessantly bred within their own extended family circles,some not so extended.This has and still does hold the vibrational frequency of the bloodline of these families in a particular frequency range.A frequency range that not only is readily open to corruption on a vibrational scale but does not within itself evolve in the same way as an uncorrupted and free-flowing range of frequencies would flow.How easy would it be to manipulate a human body and mind if you knew that you could constantly hack into the frequency range of your chosen targets and portray your will through the chosen physical subjects.An abundant source of perhaps unwitting subjects through which you could force any set of circumstances upon the world in order to change the very fabric of that world to suit your own desires.Those who have come into this world holding this particular frequency range and those that have been manipulated and coerced into recognizing them and expressing themselves through them have stepped aside if you like from the true spark that ignites all physical life,infinite consciousness.That is not to say that infinite consciousness no longer has a part in this,of course it does,but the controlling element of the physical experience through the physical body is no longer completely free to evolve and expand.It has become a co-pilot in the experience without a hand upon the wheel so to speak.What now guides the experience is the foreign expression of consciousness that has become a parasite of the human experience to further its own agenda from a frequency range just outside what we perceive to be ours at the moment.


If the human mind and consciousness can be manipulated and coerced into accepting that the control of the experience is no longer in your hands then the possibilities for creating several alters within the mind then become frighteningly all too real.Much of this is done through trauma based mind control techniques often using torture and rape from childhood to create a deep sense of hopelessness until the mind literally fractures and creates another state of reality in order to protect itself.Utterly,utterly horrific to anyone with even the remotest sense of decency,but we are not dealing with decency here we are dealing with a level of consciousness that can only exist through fear and is devoid of empathy on any level.This is why we see our politicians and presidents announcing acts of war and genocide as acts of honour that somehow will set us free and create peace and prosperity.Why they can stand before you straight faced and tell you that putting rat poison(fluoride) into our water will some how benefit your teeth.Why they can stand before you and submit lie after lie about country after country being a danger to the world and that to save the peoples of the chosen country we must slaughter them in the name of democracy for their own protection.How truly shameful it is to all of us that we not only allow this to happen but actively participate having swallowed the propaganda and expressed ourselves through fear,ENOUGH.

How much longer will we continue to allow a small number of parasites to destroy one of the most beautiful places in the universe?How much longer will we allow the empty vessels of the hallowed elite to rule over us and manifest our own destruction?

part 2 coming soon:-What controls the empty vessels and who are the main players?      

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