To the politicians and the establishment of the peoples lands and offices of these islands.

This is an open e-mail addressed to those above and all those who hold given positions of privilege and power. Those whose own lives and the lives of all of us are affected by the current and future decisions being made in the good name and representation of all.

It has become plain to see for those with even cursory consideration of their fellow man that the political direction,health care(physical,mental and spiritual),social and child care,food chain,monetary system,our laws and the enforcement of them,education system and the general structure of our entire so called society has long left the path of wisdom and is hurtling towards a system of totalitarian oppression designed to remove the “human” element of the human experience. We are allowing ourselves to be marched full speed into an era where slavery on every level of our lives is to be taken as the normal and accepted course of our existence. An era where the family unit is but a distant memory and the state is indeed all loving and caring and knows best at all times. This is upon us now and pushed harder and harder on a daily basis to our children from the earliest possible age enforced through the Orwellian programs of indoctrination all with “common purpose”,a system of frightening possibilities with the removal of the individual experience and exploration of individual conscious thought seen as a threat to the grasping arms of a vicious global collective cabal. Many children have been swallowed up by the state and suffer years of horrendous abuse at the hands of the sickest elements of life hidden and protected by systems that are deeply corrupt at their core and a haven to the abuser. To follow this path would indeed create a brave new world but it would be a world where the experience of love and empathy are but distant memories buried deep in the sub-conscious elements of a programmed mind subject to the hive and its masters beyond the veil. When love and empathy are removed from a decision of any kind the outcome will always hold within it an element of destruction. When we remove these qualities from decisions that are undertaken within the levels of government and law the outcome is always catastrophic to the many who have become nothing but perceived commodities of the state looked upon as no more than livestock or bonds of security against the latest corporate loan designed to hold us in perpetual debt slavery. This of course cannot continue to happen without the consent and acquiesce of the common man and those whom have chosen a life of representation yet sit quietly on their hands while a system of destruction is build by their own allegiance to a corrupt few who have removed us from common law and pay homage to the illusion of a given power.

There are many examples of this happening on a daily basis within our courts and structures of so called care but I shall highlight what is undoubtedly the most well known case,the case of whom no-one dare speak or act,that of a woman with Downs Syndrome,Hollie Greig. I shall refrain from going deep into detail of what happened to Hollie in the past as there cannot be a politician left on these islands that is in ignorance of at least the basic facts. Her case and those involved are common knowledge within the halls of power as many of you will have been contacted already on some level asking for your intervention,yet still the silence from the elected so-called representatives of the people is deafening. Pathetic excuses abound such as “it’s not my constituency” and “it would be improper for me to intervene” being among the favourites,the bold Alex Salmond and the Ministers of his watch all suffer selective deafness where this is concerned and openly by inaction are supporting the abuse of many. It seems pretty obvious that there is an unwritten warning circulating that to rise above the parapet so to speak is seriously taboo,why is this?are the perpetrators of these vile acts above our laws and do all politicians openly subjugate themselves to their evil whims?.More importantly are the politicians,judges and police forces of these lands stating openly that not only is child abuse,rape,ritual abuse and the theft of a child or adult by the state permissible within our establishment but it is fully supported and condoned?.Even the self-proclaimed “great British press” refuse to report on the issue of Hollie Greig’s abuse by the state,another clear indication of intimidation from a power either within or most probably above our perceived and presented structure of government. Those that would wish the horrendous abuse of Hollie Greig to disappear are now making a concerted effort to silence those who speak out for good, firstly by once more abusing the innocent,namely George Robert Green.

Robert Green,one of the most decent and genuine people it has been my pleasure to meet, has been courageous and supportive of both Hollie Greig and her mother Anne in their quest for justice and now finds himself deprived of his own liberties and serving one years imprisonment on a criminally concocted charge of breach of the peace. Sentenced by a single judge,Sheriff Principle Bowen,after being denied key witness’s in a disgraceful contempt of fairness and justice,chiefly former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini,who is currently under investigation on matters concerning the case, with whom Bowen had a working relationship and friendship of at least 10 years which he failed to declare. It is a trial and sentencing that will haunt Scottish courts for many years and has openly shown the level of deceit and corruption within the courts of our land and puts a further rubber stamp upon the state sanctioned abuse of the people of whom they have a duty of care.

Secondly we have the disgraceful attempts by the social services in England to separate Hollie Greig from her devoted and loving mother Anne Greig under the pretext that Hollie does not have capacity. That somehow her own asking and request for justice in her life and that other human beings are spared the horrors she herself endured is a declaration of inability to think and act for herself and is being placed in danger because of her campaign for justice would be laughable if it were not so serious. If this is indeed allowed to come to fruition then are the courts of these lands then setting a president and stating that all peoples with Downs Syndrome shall no longer have control over any aspect of their lives and that because their perception of this world differs from what we would consider the norm their punishment shall be isolation from loved ones and to live at the mercy of the states twisted ideals?.We are indeed on very dangerous ground here are we not?. Will all disability soon follow this sick ideal?. Ironically elements of the system have already on previous occasions stated that Hollie Greig does have capacity and indeed was a credible and truthful witness. The social services have consistently lied on record stating that she is under their care when this has never been the case,yet once again facts simply do not matter to these people and the physical,mental and spiritual well-being of those involved are of no meaning to a system designed to destroy the family unit from behind closed doors in pre-ordained show trials. The road has been long and now Hollies case has been handed back to the Court of Protection and the great fear here is that quite blatantly there will be an attempt to remove Hollie from a loving and secure home environment and lose her within the bowels of a system that has sought to silence her from the outset and protect the paedophiles within our establishment that pay homage to satanic ritual and the doctrines of luciferian light. This cannot be allowed to happen. The Court of Protection and its policy of behind closed doors adjudication has been an abomination from the beginning,all of course sold to the public under the guise of protecting the child when nothing could be further from the truth and its abolishment cannot come soon enough as it has no place in a free and conscious society.

Many of you reading this will have families of your own and no doubt would have them grow up to be free of mind and have the ability to express themselves in an open and responsible manner without the pressures of an over intrusive and exploitative authority bearing down on every aspect of their lives. How would you make this possible?In what way would you ensure their lives were one of uninhibited exploration of themselves both within and out-with the confines of the mind?Ask yourselves what you could do to change these islands from an imminently overt police state governed by a sinister warmongering corporate cabal of global fascists that follow programs of eugenics and the destruction of the family unit into a land where freedom of choice and expression is once more the birthright of all. If you yourselves are not willing to stand up and do what you claim to be doing,ie,represent the people,then why are you in office?Do you think that the extreme actions of an unlawful and inhumane system do not or will not apply to you and yours?, then I would urge you to look at what history has taught us and then look yourselves and your loved ones in the eye and think deeply how you would answer the following question. “What were you doing when the abuse of human liberty was taking place and this totalitarian fascist system was being introduced?”. Please do not let the answer be,”I sat on my hands and did nothing”.This world is a place of such infinite beauty and infinite potential and what we are allowing to happen upon it is an aberration to the truth of what this life was meant,should and could be.

Who among you has the courage and decency to do what is right for the good of all?,who among you has the courage to raise their head above the parapet and dare to utter the word ”enough”?. It is way past the time that humanity should take back its empathic place in this life of all possibility,remember this:-“No person or system has power unless it is yielded by another”

                                                                    yours sincerely

Gary Cluckie

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  2. Bob Cain says:

    Well said Gary … I am going to repost this and supply a link back to you … We need to spread the word!

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