Why is it that within an infinite universe of infinite dimension and choice of experience we are being suppressed into the servitude of our own enslaved imagination?Are we truly the gatekeepers of our own solitude?

With the dawning of each new day new possibilities arise before each and every one of us.The possibility to create and explore limitless avenues of experience both within and through the conscious mind by accessing the infinite stream of consciousness that surrounds us and to project these outwardly into what we would perceive as a physical experience within this life.At least that is what could and indeed should happen within a life of no boundary and fear,yet we have by our own acquiesce allowed the infinite to become finite.  

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A scene from V for Vendetta,many of these words hold true to our daily experience!

It has become so easy for many of us to accept the given norms of society as the truth of our existence and that the true nature of  reality is something beyond our grasp and comprehension.That only a spokesperson of “accepted” science can provide any sort of hypothesis upon which to base our own “perceived” conclusions upon.The ever quickening assault of information through the mainstream media,government think tank posters of propaganda and party politics filled with NEURO-LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING are no more than tools to hold consciousness in a holding pattern.Tools which we all have readily accepted as the truth at some point in our lives.It is easier is it not to let someone else do our thinking for us as the given and accepted pressures of life already leave us with too few hours in a day to sit down,relax and see the world as it truly is?



   It is becoming more and more apparent to a greater number of people that those whom we had placed our trust and safety to are no more than liars and puppets to a higher power beyond the public eye.Do we really want to live our lives out slaving away just to keep the symbolic wolf away from the door.A wolf that is in reality a creation of our own apathy and refusal to see ourselves as the masters of our own destiny.It takes little more than a conscious thought of our own creation to turn a given set of principles and perceptions from a situation of lasting servitude into the blissful realization that we all hold the keys to our own destiny.                                                                           Ask yourself some questions like,“who or what is it that holds me in a repeating pattern of  never ending debt and the will of corrupt government?”.If you are honest enough with yourself you will see that only by your own and the collective agreement to follow and accept the will of those whom you have placed the reigns of power can these things take place.               “Who or what is it that holds me in the belief that I have no power and can do nothing to change the wider implications of my surroundings?”.Again if we are honest we can see that we believe we have no power because we have allowed ourselves to be programmed to believe we have no power by those who seek to enslave and control.We have allowed ourselves to be ruled over in all aspects of our lives by governments,religion and false sciences that are there not for the betterment of humanity but for the suppression of it,specifically to keep us from realizing our own true potential and ability to create.It is by our own acquiesce that laws of containment and spiritual repression are put into action,played out in the physical world by those themselves who cannot see that they are in fact repressing themselves and their loved ones.A system of containment and oppression can only survive if it is policed by itself,feeding both physically and vibrationaly off its own energy and fear of survival.A fear of survival that is both experienced by the system on one level and by the oppressed on another,but never the less the systems survival depends on fear,both vibrationaly and outwardly in the reflection of this world.


It is time for us to realise our own true potential and release the truth of who we are,infinite consciousness having a physical experience and not the limited human form as we are programmed to perceive it to be.The problem of how our containment arose in the first place was because of our default position if you will.At the core of our experience we are the purest signature of infinite love and at the heart of the human experience in its true state is empathy,the ideal to do unto others as you would have done to yourself so to say.The current finite energy construct that holds sway over us at the perceived moment is devoid of this and has used our own inner core of love to coerce us into policing our own servitude and to set us adrift alone within our given state of consciousness.Yet the world is awakening,in truth we have no choice as this is what on a vibrational level we have already chosen to experience.We can make the transition one of awakening pleasure and adventure or we can remain the gatekeepers of solitude and extend the experience by feeding it energetically through servitude.It is a choice that will take us from oppression to elation and a freedom of almost incomprehensible magnitude.Lets give it a whirl and use the keys already to hand that will unlock the symbolic door that never truly was there….!!!!!!!!!     


                                                               TIME TO CREATE




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