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Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show Starts Today!

DateSunday, December 1, 2013 at 4:55AM AuthorGilad Atzmon
Ken O'Keefe Veterans Today Staff WriterA message from Ken:
Aloha all,
Well my first show on The People’s Voice will air on Sunday from 1600-1800 GMT.
It is a great programme with Gilad Atzmon and I having a conversation about the control of language and Jewish power, politically incorrect through and through.
I am also very happy to debut the series of stories about families in  Gaza I met in 2011 when I lived there for 6 months.  These are powerful,  emotional stories and I must thank brother Ashraf Elwakhery for being the man who finally edited all the raw footage.  There are 24  stories about 21 families and we are starting off with the  heartbreaking story of Zeinat Samouni, it brings tears to my eyes to  watch this story every single time, if you are not moved by what this  beautiful woman and her children have been through then you have clearly  lost your humanity.  And lastly, I am very happy to have sister Noor Harazeen as our TPV Correspondent in Gaza, she will be giving us regular reports  and also giving us an update about Zeinat and her children.
Please share this far and wide, please tune in, the show is called ‘Ken  O’Keefe’s Middle East’, it will repeat later in the day, prime time in  the US and other places throughout the week.  We may have call in  opportunities, stayed tuned for info for that.  TJP

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