The olive trees that blossom and sway within this land move gently through their cycles guided by natures hand

Their fruits they bear and share with all who tend their seed and through their bulging harvest present to feed their need.

Yet trees are not the only fruit to grow within this land there is of course the children a gift from Gods fair hand.

They came to laugh, they came to sing, they came to dance and cheer. Yet why so many days now when they can only fear?

In love are all things created and in love they all should live, yet in these wicked times it’s just so hard to give.

When broken hearts are witnessed each night upon the news it’s time now all earths people must contemplate and choose.

Look into the eyes of your children and tell me what you see. Is it fear or anger or is it only glee?

If glee it be the answer then ask the question why? Why are Palestine’s children simply left to die?

These boys and girls have done no wrong and simply want to play, to walk in happy streets with mum and dad today.

Give back the right of freedom for all who dance and pray, shout out from the rooftops “THIS SLAUGHTER ENDS TODAY”.


No nation has the right to wipe away a people who simply want to love, yet still the devils rain it falls down from above.

We all must learn this lesson and know that it is true, the children there in Palestine are our children too.

gaza6Lets raise our voices higher it’s time now to decide, will we stand aside forever and allow this genocide?

The bombs must stop immediately and never fall again so all our sons and daughters can live without their pain.


One day in close reflection when all of us look back and see the eyes of children terrified in attack.

Will our hearts feel shame or will they swell with pride? secure within the knowledge we halted Satan’s tide.

The power is the children for we are all just one, so remember what it felt like and help to halt the gun.

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