Hollie Greig and the shame of Government

This is a copy of an E-mail sent to the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

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Dear Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister of Scotland,

Enough is enough!

I write this e-mail regarding the above topic once more and the abysmal failings of the so called government of which you now hold the regarded position of privilege of First Minister, may you do better in serving the children of this land than your predecessor . As the First Minister is it not above all your duty to serve the people of this country and lead by example? As you stated in your acceptance speech you wish to  “ensure that all children get the chance to fulfil their potential, and keep our communities safe from crime.” and “I think of this occasion as the opening of a gate into a new field of opportunity.” What new fields of opportunity do you seek? What potential do you wish to see our children fulfil? Is it for them to live, love and prosper in a land where they can roam free without fear of abuse or is it simply the pathetic lie that thus far Scotland’s Government has peddled to the people that Scotland’s powers that think they be do all and more than is necessary to protect our children from abuse and there is no urgency for an investigation into child abuse. Ritual satanic sexual abuse of children is rife in Scotland and I put it to you as First Minister that your office and the COPFS is very aware of this fact and that these offices, as in Westminster, are deliberately trying to delay and more probably prohibit an investigation into these abuses to protect the very system which claims to guard against such vile and inhumane practices. The system of governance which you hold sway over is not a system that is there to serve the people, it is there to serve itself and protect it’s own existence as has always been the case through known and given history. How could any such system, even if an investigation were to take place, be trusted by any sane thinking person to carry out an open and unbiased investigation when it’s remit from the start would be to protect itself no matter what it uncovered? Such an investigation must be carried out by people free from the bonds of Government and institutions thereof. This has to be done to ensure public support and an honest, open platform that exposes the paedophiles that roam so freely within this nation. Up to this very day the Government you now lead has done NOTHING to protect the children and the vulnerable of Scotland and has been no less than a helping hand and protector of the bile that infects this world and rapes, tortures and murders our bairns and there is no greater example of this than what the beautiful and wondrous Hollie Greig has had to endure. Not just a the hands of her abusers but at the hands of the Scottish authorities and the self righteous paedophile elite that sees itself as untouchable directly because of the actions/inactions of the self protecting Scottish authorities, how is this being allowed to happen? Why is this country being held to ransom by rapists and murderers of children? Why does this pathetic and cowardly system persecute those who would try to expose these walking vials of poison? Can all those trying to do what is right for the children of this world expect to be bullied, harassed and falsely imprisoned such as Tim Rustige and Robert Green, a Nobel peace prize nominee for 2015 and still under virtual house arrest in Warrington? Men of moral standing and courage that have been themselves abused by Scotland’s authorities and have had to suffer imprisonment at the hands of a self serving, self-protecting system that can bully and harass with impunity to protect what operates within. I doubt very much that this is the gate of opportunity you spoke of? Where on one side the paedophile stands in majesty laughing at the abused child penned in on the other side by a system that claims to protect them from harm, where the perceived leaders present themselves to the public eye as doing all they can when they are in fact bringing in more laws to cast the shadow of suspicion over loving parents. Legislation upon legislation will not help, law upon law will not help, courses where public workers are to look upon all others as potential abusers will not help an abused child. These measures simply place us all under suspicion from each other and create a fractured society where a random hug to a child in distress will be viewed as an act of potential abuse.Is it not now time to end this sick cycle? Is it not now the time to stand up proudly as First Minister and set a president for all governments? Display and create a system that truly works for the benefit of others based on love and empathy, create a system that does not serve itself and can never be put in the position again where the depraved and corrupt few can control the many and abuse our bairns at will.

This process of investigation must start initially with contact being made to Hollie Greig and her loving mother Anne Greig who have suffered for many years at the hands of the Scottish and Westminster authorities simply for wishing justice to be seen to be done and a violent and abusive paedophile ring to be removed from our society. The death of Roy Greig(Hollies uncle), a witness to Hollie Greigs abuse must also be investigated and exposed also as there lies many questions as to what occurred on the night of his suspicious death and the immediate aftermath. Who ordered the gagging of the press with regard to Hollie Greig and institutional child abuse and why must also be addressed. The excuse of no evidence with regards to Hollie Greig that is claimed by the Police,COPFS, Kenny MacAskill, and past and present Lord Advocates is quite correct of course, how could there be when no official investigation took place(no investigation,no evidence,no crime,,perfect). This was proved rather annoyingly no doubt for some at Robert Greens trial at Stonehaven when it emerged that not one of the named abusers, save her father and brother had been questioned.

End this cycle now Nicola, begin a new era and do what is right,

Expose the abuse of Hollie Greig and help end the abuse of all children.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”, Martin Luther King



Gary Cluckie


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