I hid behind the shadow


When tears arrived at bedtime when tears arrived by day I saw my heart was broken by those who came to slay

To slay and show their power over innocence divine to push into the shadows a purity that’s mine

What drives a soul to cruelty? What draws a soul to rule? To rule over another that’s still to hurdle school?

The shadow that appears and clouds the every view, created by a mind not knowing what to do. To say to all and sundry that you know something’s wrong, or do you simply march on and sing a different song?

It’s hard to sing with pride when you feel you have to hide, to hide within a darkness created from outside

Yet when the sun it rises deep within the heart the conqueror falls silent they cannot even start. For my heart it is open, my heart it grows so strong and deep within my soul I know I did no wrong.

I walk now in the sunshine and even when it pours I know the will of others is forced on me no more

But I will always remember how I hid and felt so poor and will never hide in shadows that built a false steel door!

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