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Dire Straits:-Brothers in Arms

On the 11th of the 11th on the 11th hour in the 11th year of this millennium tradition once again takes its place as people from around this world bow there heads and offer their thoughts and prayers to those who did not make that final journey home from war to their loved ones.Memories will flood back of how the dead lived their lives and what they strove for in this life believing […]

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the political establishment

The narcissistic puppets of the elite

Where and how do you begin to describe the levels of arrogance and sheer ignorance that is being crammed down our throats by the portrayed leaders and saviors of manufactured chaos and destruction upon the world stage.I can understand that there will be some people that choose to see presidents and prime ministers alike as the democratically elected representatives of their country and that they would like to believe that they are there to help the peoples of […]

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Don,t be afraid “Everybody Hurts Sometime”

REM:-Everybody Hurts

Taking the time to look inside to see the outside

Day in day out we meet and pass the time with other people,sometimes its just a meeting of the eyes as we pass through a doorway or a sideways glance in the street.How often do we stop to ask ourselves or wonder what that person is really thinking or feeling?Have they felt the same as me?Have they experienced the same pains as me?Have they been through the same emotional journeys […]

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how to defuse the symbolic bomb beneath humanities feet

George Harrison:-While my guitar gently weeps

The removal of the vibrational control over humanities perceived dilemma.

Where and how do we begin to defuse the current situation manifesting across the world as protests against a monetary system that is crushing the right to a free and open human experience?

The only way to defuse any situation embedded in conflict is to remove the power source which is both fueling and manipulating the given situation.To sit and argue about which is the best solution to a […]

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Will You Follow a Programmed Armageddon?

The choreography of the last play

The stage is being set and the actors are being placed upon their marks after eons in the wings,the scripts have been rehearsed time and time again in full view for those with eyes to see.All that remains for the successful enactment of the show is for Joe Public to be a willing co-star and support the leading prima-donnas’,for that is what they are,shallow cowards with levels of insecurity and self-importance that staggers the mind.What they are […]

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Starry Starry Night

The struggle of expressing higher realms of consciousness through a physical experience.

Starry Starry Night by Don McLean[The paintings of Vincent Van-Gogh](Two men who dared just to be themselves,GENIUS)

Genius is a word that is thrown around without much thought or care nowadays and is applied by many just to describe the clever placing of a word or the grace and timing of a sportsman,but to me true genius is more often than not just the courage to be yourself and to […]

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Lets talk freely


How in anyway could anyone claim to have a,or live within a FREE SOCIETY if the so-called right to FREE SPEECH is nothing more than the permission to regurgitate what is permitted within the given “governments” guidelines or idealistic programs of “political correctness”.To live within such a society is  foreign to a free and conscious expression of all that is,the free and conscious expressions of all that is which we are have simply come to change […]

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Why do we let them hurt our children?

The removal of choice from our childrens path

For the sake of our children and for the sake of our own experience in this world we must be stronger and more resolute in how we deal with the actions of the few and how we ourselves are used to implement and enforce them.As the agenda for the global enslavement of humanity rolls on and the attempt to remove more of our civil liberties and the right to free expression is ludicrously […]

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The Keys to Freedom

        “I realise I hold the keys to freedom,I cannot let my life be ruled by threads,the time has come to make decisions,the changes have to be made”{lyrics by Derek Dick/music by Marillion}

It is us who have the power not the “elite”

We are but a heartbeat away from the open and widespread realisation that all is not what it seems,that we have been lied to and manipulated for millennia.It is so in our face now that I find […]

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The Universal Soldier

Why do both sides claim the moral high ground?

In all theaters of war both sides stand in defiance of each other more often than not claiming that they are the righteous possessors of the moral high ground.”God favors the righteous” does he not?Whos’ God are they trying to convince us of and what does it truly mean to be righteous?Let us also not forget the old and quite frankly pathetic mantra that we must “fight for peace” and that those who make the […]

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