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  1. andrew says:

    Andrew peacher has a son and daughter in edinburgh and inverness wife from glasgow will be speaking out about social workers in inverness and caithness stealing his children Vaccine Damaged children council blocking medical records request


    we need you all to post adverts attend the protest we have msp attending the media but we need you please email [email protected] if you can help us.


    My name is Sam Edwards and, I am the Chief Executive to the campaign One voice for the kids and the Against child abuse network.

    I am writing to you to invite you and your organisation to a high-profile event called the “Worldwide Peaceful Protest Against Child Abuse”. This event is scheduled to take place on the 6th March 2012 outside the Scottish Parliament building, Edinburgh. The purpose of this protest is to raise the much needed awareness in to the effects of all types childhood abuse and how it irrevocably changes the lives of so many young and vulnerable children around the world. We are opening this event to all support groups and organisations that help and provide vital support to people affected by abuse. We are calling out all individuals, groups and organisations to come together on the same day for the same purpose and do your thing in your own way. If there isn’t a protest in your neck of the woods then start something. If there is something, join forces with them and make their protest bigger and better. Imagine a protest so large, all protesting on the same day around the world at as many of the world’s Government Offices as possible. To date, 38 worldwide countries are taking part on the 6th March. This is a huge achievement in itself for any organisation. So what is the aim of the protest? Its primary goal is to get people and organisations talking to one another in order to create a meaningful dialogue between them. Meaningful dialogue is not about complaining, meaningful dialogue is about people and groups supporting each other. A meaningful dialogue is about people working together. In our experience, working in splendid isolation doesn’t work as we feel that “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.

    This protest is about people getting together to change the system for something that will work. It’s going to take people coming at it from all angles to force the changes and a multi-agency approach to make it work properly. I am in contact with other like minded survivor groups, some of whose members are victims not just of the crime itself but of the system. What we 99% need to do, besides demonstrating and making our voices heard, is to find lawful structures that put the establishment on notice that we are beginning to realise what they are doing, and we do not give our consent. While we appreciate that the laws maybe different in each of the world’s countries, child abuse does not change whatever country it is in. In Britain today, there are 88,000 children in care, this is a tragedy and a national scandal of huge proportions. If we are to help these children and their families, then it is absolutely vital that we inform and educate the British public so that they can understand what is really going on and the scale of what is happening. To do this, we must bring together individuals, groups and like minded organisations that are already working to expose the truth about child stealing by the state. We must be able to show the public that it is not just a few random families and a few children that are affected by child abuse, it is thousands. Taking a child away from a family that does care for them and leaving a child with abusive parents just doesn’t make sense. To me, child abuse is also about the police taking a baby away from its breast-feeding mother and the police not giving a damn when the mother says the baby is lactose intolerant. . I’m also in touch with many survivor groups, some of whose members are victims not just of the crime itself but of the system. It seems those in their ivory towers are totally oblivious to the mess it can make of so many lives or they just don’t give a damn. Child abuse doesn’t end with the trial and the often pathetic sentence of the perpetrator. Family and friends don’t suddenly forget the child ever existed just because a perpetrator gets a slap on the wrist. The judges blame the government by saying they are simply following their guidelines, I can only assume that the government is more concerned with overcrowded jails and cost than it is with justice.

    This protest will signify the want to change. With your support, we can do this but, only if you want to see change within the system. Help us to expose those responsible for abusing our children and bring them to justice. If we don’t stand up for our children, how do you expect them to stand up for themselves? We must remember to respect other peoples opinions who say that we are just wasting our time, whilst others must respect our opinion that we can and will make these changes happen.

    Since the event was launched some 11 weeks ago, the following countries are taking part; USA, Canada, Australia, Ghana and many more are joining on a daily basis. To find out more about this high-profile event, please visit our websites which can be found below. The links to the sites are hyperlinks. I have also included some publicity material as attachments which we would encourage you to circulate in your offices, highlighting this event.

    In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this email and I shall look forward to your reply in due course. We would like to offer our support to you and your organisation in any way we can and, maybe in the future, work alongside one another. Keep up your fantastic work, you are helping to change the futures of so many children’s lives and you should be proud of the differences you are helping to make.

    Yours sincerely

    Sam Edwards (CEO)

    One voice for the kids

    Tel: (07580) 092396

    Postal Address:-
    2, Viewfield Road
    AB43 9LN.

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