Gary Cluckie

13th July 2014

 This is a copy of an open letter sent to Alex Salmond 1st Minister of Scotland about the issue of child abuse and his actions connected with Hollie Greig and the wider issue.



Alex Salmond MSP/First Minister of Scotland,

This is an open letter questioning your actions and position in office with regard to the protection of children, your stance on the investigation of child abuse and what your vision of a world in which the right of all children to live a life free from the threat of abuse by individuals or state would be. It will also centre on the morally bankrupt and unjust way yourself and government have bullied, imprisoned and slandered those individuals involved with the Hollie Greig case and indeed Hollie Greig herself, a victim of the vilest abuse imaginable.

Where exactly do you stand Mr Salmond on the deeply disturbing and sickening issue of the sexual and ritual abuse of children in Scotland? It seems up until the present point in time that you are indifferent to the issue and will do anything to avoid answering questions that are quite rightly directed at yourself as the representative holding the “honour” of First Minister of Scotland. To my knowledge you have twice either tried to ignore or at least delay or stall answering questions from the Information Commissioner with regards to the case of Hollie Greig which could have resulted in the Court of Session treating this failure as a contempt of court. Why would you do this? What are you trying to hide? Is it of paramount importance to some unseen agenda of individuals or parties that Hollie Greigs allegations must never be investigated and brought to light? If this is the case Mr Salmond I have some bad news for you and those that would keep this a secret because this case and all similar cases shall never simply disappear and they will be exposed and investigated by those of conscience and moral duty to the children of this earth. You yourself have been very adept at not mentioning Hollie Greigs name despite your knowledge of the matter but others in your cabinet, both past and present have not been so silent and seem to think that all members of the public are incapable of critical thought and accept their word as truth because of their own delusion of mastery over others. The Justice Secretary  Kenny MacAskills latest outburst in Perth when questioned on the Hollie Greig case was a blatant attempt to lie to and mislead the public into believing a full inquiry had taken place into the matter and that Hollie Greig had not even suffered any abuse when no such investigation has taken place as established under oath during the disgraceful persecution and sentencing of Robert Green at Stonehaven and it has been established by the Police and medical staff that Hollie Greig had indeed been the victim of abuse. Do you stand by these despicable lies as being representative of the views of the office of the Justice Secretary and the Scottish legal system as a whole? Then there is the former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, a woman whose record in office with the regards to cases involving child abuse is an utter disgrace to say the least, yet still she seems to be able to summon the powers that they believe themselves to be to use any means to arrest and silence anyone who dares connect her with the case or her failings whilst in office to do anything about it. As a direct result of the failings by all concerned within the Scottish political, Judicial and Police authorities of Scotland those that abused Hollie Greig have not only been allowed to continue to abuse others but are doing so seemingly with the full protection of yourself and all the other so called authorities in Scotland. Is this to be your legacy Mr Salmond? That Scotland led the way upon the world stage in the protection of paedophiles and the suppression of the abused and those that would have justice seen to be done such as Robert Green and Tim Rustige, two men who have themselves been bullied and abused by Scotland’s twisted and sinister approach towards the investigation of child abuse. Two men of impeccable character and integrity whose heinous crimes against the Scottish state have simply been to demand an open investigation into the abuse allegations of Hollie Greig and to dare outline the failings of the former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini when these are a matter of public record. Hollie Greig and her mother Anne have been abused and harassed by the state from almost day one of the allegations and still to this day live under the threat of draconian threats from the state. Robert Green again had to endure a Scottish prison for more than ninety days without full and clear explanation and has yet to appear for trial and remains under house arrest. All for asking that justice is seen to be done. Yet somehow the Scottish authority’s again twisted view is to treat these actions as far worse than those involved in the abuse of a child simply to protect whom or what, how proud you must be!

In light of current events at Westminster and the growing demand from all moral and decent corners of society to expose and investigate child sexual abuse within the establishment would now not be the right time to open up a full, thorough and open investigation into not only the allegations of Hollie Greig but into the entire Scottish Political, Police, Crown Office, Social Services, Education, Medical and all other public and private institutions that have access to children with regard to both current and historic allegations of child sexual and ritual abuse within the establishment? Surely Mr Salmond the Scotland you envision for the future is one where life’s most precious gifts, the children, can live a life secure in the knowing that every possible measure to prevent the horrors of abuse are being diligently taken by those that claim, up until now falsely, to do so? And I do not mean the deeply sinister appointment of a “state guardian” for every child with the power to override the decisions of all parents under the guise of child protection when clearly as shown by your government child protection only counts in certain cases when the accused abuser is not of the establishment. Could I once again remind you here that Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and George Orwell’s ‘1984’ are not instruction manuals although from the direction Scotland has taken one could be forgiven for thinking they are.


What is the message intended to be here Mr Salmond? Is it “what we wish you to believe is the truth and if you dare question us you will be silenced and harassed” Is this the reason for your attempts to regulate all forms of media and in actuality remove the right of free speech and opinion? A must for all forms of dictatorship and full spectrum control of a nation? Freedom of speech is not something that is granted by government it is an inherent and natural state of being for a free and sovereign human being and it those so called representatives of the people who are allowed the position of privilege that should answer to the voice of the people. To hold public office is to hold a position of privilege and be given the trust of the people whom ALL in such positions must honour, not by name but by deed. If this trust is broken or just simply ignored then these positions of privilege should be removed immediately and those in breach of the trust exposed to those they claim to be representing.

In conclusion Mr Salmond where do you stand on the position of the exposure and the investigation of the sexual and ritual abuse of the children of Scotland and beyond, do you wish to see the vilest of all crimes exposed and eradicated from society or do you wish to continue in the current vein and allow abusers who operate from within selected echelons of society to remain unchecked simply to protect a system that has long since failed the children it astonishingly claims to be protecting? Will this letter simply be filed and ignored as all previous letters from myself and others? You have a chance right now Mr Salmond to begin anew and let Scotland be the first nation to stand up to the worldwide scourge that is the sexual and ritual abuse of our children. Make no mistake here the dominoes are beginning to fall and soon the tide will become unstoppable as the masks begin to slip and the horrors that have been covered up, both present and historic, are exposed and those involved are revealed for what they are. Once again Mr Salmond, open up a full, thorough and open investigation into not only the allegations of Hollie Greig but into the entire Scottish Political, Police, Crown Office, Social Services, Education, Medical and all other public and private institutions that have access to children with regard to both current and historic allegations of child sexual and ritual abuse within the establishment.


Gary Cluckie

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