25th January 2015


Nicola Sturgeon MSP/First Minister of Scotland,

I write  this open letter to you Nicola, to seek an answer from you and you alone not for a contrived response from another branch of government.

On a daily basis now we hear of revelation upon revelation with regards to the sickening and depraved levels of child abuse, rape, satanic abuse and murder that has gone on and more importantly still goes on as we speak perpetrated by our so-called establishment figures. These vile and inhumane acts which initially are met with strong denial from the establishment only to be exposed as fact that has been and still is suppressed by government after government simply once more to protect the system itself at the expense of human dignity and life. Do you yourself stand firm with this course of events Nicola or will you break the cycle and free those decent men and women trapped within it who would seek a just and fair world for the children of these lands? How hard can it be to do what is morally right? Is this country that you claim the right to speak for as First Minister to carry on at breakneck speed towards a system where every child and adult is to be monitored by the state and will be issued an identity card (unique citizen identification number as proposed for an independent Scotland with its biometric signature of “safety”) where we are all free and safe because government decrees it so? Is not the true safety here for the system itself and those who operate within it with scant regard from a system of law they wish enforced upon us all by a fractured and confused Police force which removes itself from the duty of public protection to enforcers of a given system again at breakneck speed? Again I say that these actions and the practice of enforcing law upon law, legislation upon legislation will never protect the children or the vulnerable. But indeed it is not meant to, it only serves to delay real action in exposing the filth that has infested humanity and allows time to bring in the fascist laws which classify those who question and expose the lies of government as “non-violent extremists”. As is my own experience with attempting to glean answers from government the practice is to either ignore you or hope you will go away or to pass you from pillar to post never answering a question or to spew out the latest proposals and legislation which again delay and hinder any real progress towards the exposure and arrest of those who operate the paedophile rings and orchestrate government policy through bribery and fear of exposure. Make no mistake the walls are crumbling and the truth will out, as Martin Luther King quite rightly said “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”.

The time for bold and moral action is now Nicola, the abuse and murder of children must end now. Those who carry out these horrific actions must be exposed and brought to justice immediately no matter what perceived high and mighty position they believe they inhabit. Position is merely perception and perceptions change, what right-minded human being would allow this to carry on in any age? Where we allow positions of privilege to be abused and the systems that are sold to us as

being there for our protection are used to further punish the abused and those who seek justice to be done and to be seen to be done.

Which leads inevitably in Scotland to the case of Hollie Greig and the continued injustices carried out on Robert Green, a Nobel Prize nominee for his attempts to seek justice for Hollie Greig, it seems in fact Scotland’s government does indeed have no shame. Change it we must and change it we will! Scotland also claims to be setting up an inquiry into child abuse with the same framework and the same lack of urgency as Westminster again sweeping as much under the carpet as possible on the way whilst claiming a now totally laughable label of transparency on the way. For any credible investigation to take place in Scotland the case of Hollie Greig and her immoral abuse by the Scottish authorities and their failure to act must be at the forefront. With honourable exceptions such as Graeme Pearson MSP Scotland’s politicians still run a mile at the mention of her name. Indeed we could have secured gold in the 100m’s at the commonwealth games if we had entered Alex Salmond and asked for a quote as the start gun went off. Why is this still the case? What pressure is being applied here? Or do we simply have a government full of self-serving takers of the public’s hard earned money who rush for a photo-op at the grand opening of the latest speed bump but keep hidden when public figures abuse the innocent? Robert Green faces the possibility of a third term in prison in the most disgraceful persecution of an honest and dignified man ever to be witnessed in a so called free country and astonishingly he still holds no ill will and simply asks that justice is seen to be done for Hollie Greig and all other victims of abuse. Hardly the actions of anyone deemed by the great Scots law system as a danger and capable of harm, it is another blatant example of the system protecting the system no matter the cost to the innocent. An utter disgrace which will ultimately be its downfall.

How long will it take before it is realised that these issues will never go away until they are resolved? The public no longer sits silently at the television waiting to be sold the latest line by government and what little credibility government held in the past crumbles as we speak as lie after lie is exposed by its own absurdity. I urge you here Nicola to do what is right, not from a political stand point but simply because it is morally the right thing to do.

I await your personal response,

Gary Cluckie


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