Letter to Lord Advocate of Scotland about Hollie Greig


Gary Cluckie

29th January 2012


Frank Mulholland QC Lord Advocate Scotland,

I am writing to you today with regards to the recent case against Robert Green at Stonehaven Sheriff Court and of the on-going saga of the alleged abuse of a woman with Downs Syndrome,Hollie Greig. Also I will mention the suspicious death of Hollie Greigs uncle Robert David Greig.

The finding “guilty” of Robert Green on a charge of breach of the peace on 24th January 2012 was to anyone with an unbiased and independent view-point an outrage by the court designed to intimidate and bully a thoroughly decent man into silence. For 5 days the prosecution were allowed to set up their case against Robert Green on how he traumatised originally 61 members of the public attempting to publicise the fact that a very disturbing and dangerous paedophile gang were operating in the area,as yet unchallenged by the Grampian Police despite the allegations made by the victim Hollie Greig as far back as the summer of 2000.The Sheriff(Sheriff Principle Bowen) had denied Robert Green 2 key witnesses,Procurator Fiscal Stephen MacGowan and former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini who from the word go has been central to all things concerned here. In her capacity first as area Procurator Fiscal based in Aberdeen and later in her position as Lord Advocate of Scotland. In both positions she has refused to pursue any investigation into the horrific allegations made by Hollie Greig despite serious and substantial evidence to support the allegations and the fact that Grampian Police themselves stated that she was indeed a competent witness,why is this so Lord Advocate as even basic procedure would demand at least some basic questioning of the accused?Robert Greens defence time consisted of less than one day having been denied the only credible witness’s that would indeed show this whole charade of a charge for what it is then shortly afterwards the 2 guilty charges were announced..No-one but no-one is above the law,is that not what we are consistently told,yet here we have a set of circumstances,both in the case against Robert Green and the accused surrounding Hollie Greig proving the opposite and shaming Scotland on the world stage for make no mistake the world is watching this with growing disbelief. Are we announcing to the world here that Scotland is a playground for satanic ritual abusers of children and that if you dare try to expose such matters you will be pursued and hounded into silence?I sincerely hope not Mr Mulholland.

We also have the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Robert David Greig(Hollie Greigs uncle) on 17th November 1997 in a burnt out car in the Aberdeen area. Within 4-5 hours of the emergency services being on the scene a verdict of suicide was awarded and the case closed. As it came to light later Robert Greig had walked in to find Hollie Greig being abused by her father,Dennis Charles MacKie,who proceeded to threaten his life. Why also was this never investigated despite it being made known?

All 3 things I have mentioned here are inextricably connected yet the so called justice system of Scotland has chosen to ignore the abhorrent abuse of a child,the obvious murder of a man and bully and persecute a moral,courageous man such as Robert Green instead. Why are the accused abusers of Hollie Greig being so blatantly shielded from investigation?Why is anyone from within the mainstream media so afraid to touch upon this and from what perceived positions of power are these quite obvious threats coming from?

I would reiterate my comments to The Secretary for Justice on these matters to yourself Lord Advocate.

Scotland has FAILED Hollie Greig and her mother Anne,it has FAILED Robert David Greig,it has FAILED Robert Green and it has FAILED the people of Scotland and all concerned within these matters. I would demand in your capacity as Lord Advocate of Scotland that you end Scotland’s shame and the suffering of the innocent. Step in and withdraw the guilty verdicts served upon Robert Green at Stonehaven Court on 24th January 2012 as they were a blatant miscarriage of justice and have no place in a fair and democratic system of law where justice is the goal. Step in and order a full investigation into the death of Robert David Greig and those involved in its speedy closure. Step in and order a full and open investigation into the alleged ritual satanic child abuse of Hollie Greig and of her witnessing the ritual murder of an adult male. Step in and order a full and open investigation into why Grampian Police have failed to undertake any investigation into these matters and are continuing to allow a highly dangerous paedophile ring to continue to operate in the Aberdeen are and beyond.

This disgrace should not and cannot be allowed to continue in Scotland’s name or indeed in the name of all humanity,the abuse of one child is an abomination,to turn a blind eye because the accused holds the illusion of power is an act of cowardliness and calculated evil.

I ask once again Mr Mulholland for you to bring justice to where others have failed.

Gary Cluckie

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