Gary Cluckie

2nd July 2012

Dear Mr Andrew Laing,

I am writing to you today in your capacity as Her Majesties Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland to ask for you and your departments help with regards to making positive steps towards ending the disgraceful treatment of a young woman with Downs Syndrome named Hollie Greig. I shall refrain from going into great detail of her plight as by now there can be no-one in public office who is not aware,but just in case you are not aware I shall briefly outline some of her case.

In May of the year 2000 Hollie Greig and her mother Anne Greig presented themselves to the Aberdeen Police to name two of the people who had been sexually abusing her for some years,her father Dennis Mackie and her brother Greg. In August of the same year they again presented themselves to the Grampian Police to name several other members of a wider paedophile ring that had been abusing Hollie for years,including a Police Officer,a local Sheriff,her head teacher and her social services carer. Despite medical evidence to support the claims,the admission by Grampian Police that she(Hollie Greig)was a credible witness and Hollie being awarded £13,500 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority to date NO investigation has taken place whatsoever. The repeated line that there was “insufficient admissible,credible and reliable evidence in law to take criminal proceedings”is quite frankly astonishing,yet of course can be construed as truth as other than brief interviews with the father and brother NOT ONE of the alleged abusers was questioned. A fact that was established in court at the trial of George Robert Green,of which I will mention shortly. Even going by standard procedure those accused should at least have been questioned,why was this not so?There is a blatant failure here by both the Grampian Police,the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service and the office of the Lord Advocate to protect the vulnerable and bring the abusers of children and the vulnerable to justice. This is an absolute disgrace to put it mildly and let us not forget that while the Police have done nothing many more innocent children have been abused by these deeply sick and perverse “people”.

There is also the failure by Grampian Police to fully investigate the death of Hollie Greig’s uncle,Robert David Greig. His body was found in a burning car just outside Aberdeen shortly after walking in on Dennis Mackie as he was abusing his daughter Hollie,allegedly threatening to kill him if he told anyone.

We then have the wrongful arrest,trial and imprisonment of George Robert Green,which from start to finish was an abuse of authority and misuse of public office by all parties concerned which exposes itself as no more than an attempt to silence a decent man and prevent him from exposing the truth and the failure of duty of all involved. From the day this whole sickening series of events came to light all that has been asked for is justice through what were believed to be the proper channels,so far this has been denied to these honest people.

In your capacity as HMICS I ask that you and your office instigate forthwith a full inquiry into the actions of The Grampian Police Force with regard to these matters and their failure to carry out their public duty of care to Hollie Greig,her mother Anne Greig,Robert David Greig,George Robert Green and the people of Scotland.


Gary Cluckie








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