Gary Cluckie

10th February 2012

Dear Lord Chancellor,

I am writing to you today to bring to your attention a continuation of several counts of the gross miscarriage of justice enacted by both the Scottish Police Force,namely The Grampian Police Force,and both the Scottish Government and Judicial System. All these acts centre around the allegations brought forth by a young woman with Downs Syndrome,now in her thirties,in the year 2000 named Hollie Greig.I am now writing to you on this subject Lord Chancellor because although the events took place in Aberdeen Scotland both Hollie Greig and her mother Anne Greig now live in England and are subject to English law. Both Hollie and Anne were forced to flee Scotland amid fears for their safety from various sources including the authorities. In case you are not familiar with the case here is a brief summary Lord Chancellor.

In the year 2000 after both Hollie Greig and her mother Anne Greig were forced to flee their home due to the violence that was being subjected upon them by Hollies father,Dennis Charles MacKie,Hollie began to relay to her mother the extent to which her fathers abuse had gone. It emerged that Hollie had suffered many years of satanic ritual sexual abuse at the hands of her father and her brother Greg,she also named several other abusers,including a senior Police Officer,a local Sheriff,her head teacher,her own woman Social Services Carer,medical staff and a variety of other professionals. Hollie had also claimed to have witnessed the ritual murder of an adult male at one satanic ritual she was forcefully taken to. All of these events were reported to the Grampian Police and the only action taken was for them to question Hollies father Dennis Charles MacKie on one occasion and her brother Greg two years later. Eleven days after Hollie had made her statement to the police,a party of ten,on the instructions of social services,dragged Anne from their flat forcibly injected her and took her unconscious to the local mental institution. Social Services then sent Hollie back to her abusive father. After freeing herself from hospital and rescuing Hollie from further abuse Anne Greig sought expert professional opinion from Dr Margaret Smith who found no grounds whatsoever to support claims that Anne had any significant mental disorder. Not one of the other accused has ever been so much as interviewed despite the fact the medical reports of the time clearly state that abuse had taken place and that Hollie herself had been accepted as a credible witness by the Police. One of the effects of having Downs Syndrome is that those with the condition generally have long and vivid memories and are not given to false statements or embellishments. Hollie Greig was also awarded £13,500 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Unusually and possibly uniquely,there is no official record of any crime ever having been committed against her. Documents on which the C.I.C.A relied included one in which her father and brother were unequivocally named as her abusers. It was also stipulated that she was “probably abused by others who had access to her”.

There is also the deeply suspicious death of Anne Greig’s brother Robert David Greig who died in a burnt out car on the outskirts of Aberdeen. Within 4-5 hours of the emergency services arriving on the scene a verdict of suicide was awarded and the case effectively closed. It took Anne Greig until 2009 to obtain a copy of the autopsy report despite being his next of kin,the report showed that Robert had damage to his skull and his ribs and his sternum were broken. These injuries alone should have warranted an investigation but as it had been stated by Hollie in 2001 her uncle Robert had walked in and witnessed her being abused by her father and had been threatened with death. Still Lord chancellor it seems this is not enough to warrant an investigation by the Police.

Robert Green,a friend and campaigner for justice on Hollie and Anne’s behalf has also been subject to gross mistreatment by both the Grampian Police and and the Scottish Justice System. On the 12th of February 2010 Robert Green was arrested by two plain clothes Police officers and thrown into solitary confinement for four days charged with a breach of the peace and only freed after ludicrous bail conditions were placed against him,including him being banned from Aberdeen. This is particularly relevant as he was campaigning for representation in a local constituency, Aberdeen South,and was trying to alert the peoples of that area that their children were at a potential risk from a gang of ritual abusers operating in the area. The subsequent trial has become the most expensive trial of its kind in history,more than £500,000 spent trying to prosecute a man for Breach of the Peace. I would urge you Lord Chancellor to take a close look at this case as its indiscretions are too many to list and perhaps the word “kangaroo” best describes its entire course. Robert Green has been found Guilty of the charge yet the manner of the trial itself and the denial of key witness’s and his relationship to them by Sheriff Principle Bowen,namely Procurator Fiscal McGowan and the former Lord Advocate of Scotland Elish Angiolini,who herself has been involved in Hollies case since the beginning despite many despicable attempts to distance herself from it and to silence both Robert Green and several media outlets including google,reeks of a conspiracy to silence Robert Green and to pervert the course of justice. I fully understand that Scottish law differs from English law Lord Chancellor but I understand the moral ethics and codes of justice on which they are both supposedly built should apply to all concerned.

I move on now to the failures of the Scottish Government and its Ministers and to the disgrace and shame they are placing upon not only Scotland but the United Kingdom as a hole. As I stated above the 1st Minister Alex Salmond,the Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill and the Lord Advocate,both past-Elish Angiolini and present Frank Mulholland QC all seem to have done everything possible to distance themselves from the events surrounding Hollie Greig. Despite several letters and requests through the freedom of information act from myself and many others to the above named and others no significant reply has been given to anyone.(I have enclosed copies of my own letters to those above) Even local MPs retract when approached on the subject,has there been some sort of unwritten warning been given not to address this issue?. All that is being asked and ever has been asked is for a full,open and independent investigation into all aspects of the alleged satanic ritual abuse suffered by Hollie and the astonishing failure of the justice system that is supposedly there to protect us to investigate the claims. Not only have they failed to investigate the claims but they have openly hounded and bullied all concerned that dares raise her name. Why is this Lord Chancellor?.Many questions have to be answered here and the suffering of the innocent brought to an end.

Lord Chancellor I appeal to you both as a father and as a Member of Government on this matter. Are the systems of law within these Isles openly stating here that the satanic ritual sexual abuse of our children is to be swept under the carpet because the alleged perpetrators hold perceived positions of power and authority and would use them to carry out their perversions?.Are the Governments of these Isles covertly stating that there is an influence beyond the public office that controls and condones these actions?Or will the Governments and law uphold their duty to the people and do what is not only just to do but is a moral necessity within the realms of freedom and common humanity?I ask of you Lord Chancellor that you bring this matter out from the shadows and that the abusers of Hollie Greig and countless others are brought to justice no matter who they are or what influence they propose to have over others. I ask you Lord Chancellor to intervene and to instigate a full,open and independent inquiry into this matter immediately.

Yours sincerely

Gary Cluckie


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