21st April 2013


The office of the First Minister/Alex Salmond MSP.

This is an open letter to the First Minister and all those who serve within the Scottish establishment and those who seek the truths of a free world.

The content of this letter and most of its subject matter could be related to any country in the world and the choices they face, the choices are clear to those with open hearts and minds.

Scotland and indeed the entire world stand upon the precipice with a choice between an open, honest and empathic society with freedom and prosperity for all and open tyranny under the guise of protection by the state for the greater good of all. This choice not only applies to Scotland, but to all nations and societies upon this earth. Which path would a Scottish Government take for an independent and sovereign Scotland?  Would Scotland take this opportunity to say no to the marching onslaught of insanity that is to be the new world order of global fascism? Will it take this opportunity to set an example to the world and begin a new era of openness with a system of governance and society that bases its actions on truth, honesty and empathy?  Or will it merely continue to place itself at the feet of this vile globalist cabal as but another lapdog that does its masters bidding whilst bleeding the peoples dry with smiles, promises and empty lie ridden rhetoric that hides the abuse of our children with a staggering will?

An open, honest and empathic system of governance and society is perhaps best viewed and expressed from the perspective of how an open, honest and empathic parent would wish their child to experience this world and what choices should be freely available to a child in such a society. Choices that are currently being taken away by a system which seeks to control and manipulate a child’s life from every conceivable angle. From the poisoning of the air the child first breaths on entry into this world, the water content, food source, the insane and abusive assault upon a still developing immune system via vaccinations and the removal of free expression through government indoctrination of unspoken “common purpose” doctrines under the guise of an education system that has long left the will to educate. This is currently no more than state sponsored child abuse. A state which views the child as no more than a commodity which at birth and subsequent mandatory registration with the state becomes its property to be shepherded in whichever direction suits the current agenda. A system of governance and law which is only there to serve and protect the chosen few who have corrupted Scotland’s parliament and systems of law to such an extent that even the Lord Advocates office, our Sheriffs, Police and the offices of our ministers, including the office of the First Minister, are used to cover up the sexual abuse of our children and the vulnerable by members of the “establishment” and wider paedophile rings. Such as the case of Hollie Greig, which is quite clear by the actions and inactions of the above offices is a name not to be spoken for fear of retribution from the state for asking simply for the truth to be herd. More of which I will mention later.

The very air our children and ourselves breathe to survive is being polluted and its very content altered on a daily basis by both high and low altitude spraying carried out by large jet aircraft. A casual glance towards the sky is proof enough of its happening. Plane after plane criss-crossing our skies weaving a toxic blanket of barium, strontium, aluminium and other chemical concoctions. All done in clear sight and in full knowledge of the government, yet no-one in office dare speak of it and to approach the subject is to be branded a conspiracy nut by the cowardly with no will to look upon the effects it has upon their own lives and that of their loved ones. This is affecting our children’s health in many ways, helping to trigger cancers and neurological problems as life goes on. This toxic cloud rains down upon the earth and pollutes the water table and the food chain along with the toxic bile that is sprayed upon our crops and fields, not to mention their effect on the weather and the blocking of natural sunlight vital to our immune system and the well-being of the planet. All under the pretext of a healthier and more sustainable food chain when the reverse is the truth to the extent that the quality of our mass produced food is but a shadow of its former self. The additives and cocktails of chemicals that are poured into our foods and drinks are insane to say the least, such as monosodium glutamate and aspartame to name but two. Toxic to the human body and brain, yet wilfully pushed toward our children unchecked and indeed encouraged by government. Fluoride pushed in our schools as healthy for our children’s teeth and bones when a moment’s research would provide any caring person with some startling information as to the real origins and reasons for fluoridation of the human body and its lasting damage. Is it a coincidence that it was a fascist regime that was the first to use it to supress its’ target?  All these things and more, again sanctioned by government, will have severe repercussions for the children of humanity to come as time goes on.

Then we have the criminal assault upon our children’s immune system under the guise of protecting life where in many cases parents are bullied and intimidated by fear into “Immunising” their child. Not only would a truly open, honest and empathic government fully educate parents on the actual content and true nature of these inoculations, it would demand its own independent laboratory testing and would outlaw most if not all of them. But big pharma is big business and profit is never questioned when balanced against an ever producing commodity. Even when vaccinations to “prevent” swine flu were in existence and patented before the first illusory pig with a snotty nose first sneezed the Scottish Government pushed it with a vengeance. Perhaps it should have been called sheep flu? For that is surely what our children are viewed as, wee lambs to the loving shepherd who will guide them to their doom.

This is an unspoken and creeping genocide targeting all our children’s and our own health and well-being carried out mostly in a state of blind arrogant ignorance by self-serving, self-important and delusional people in government that simply carry out policy handed down from above and parrot whatever their “ superiors” have told them to without question. Yet within that system the cold and calculated operate also, in full knowledge of their actions and the projected goals.

We have an education system that has long left the path (if indeed it was ever on it) of nurturing a child’s natural will to explore and create and suppresses individuality whilst demanding conformity. Conformity to a system which is being centralised by the minute, removing the chance for open debate regarding its structure and content. This dangerous and carefully calculated system of indoctrination invariably creates two choices within the child’s reasoning, absolute rebellion or absolute conformity. Either way the state shall have its way as those who rebel merely fuel the demand within the system for more and stricter enforcement of its agenda policed and executed by the blindly conforming members of the education system. To suppress a child’s natural wonder and to demand conformity from an increasingly early age, again, is no more than state sponsored child abuse.

We also now have a generation of children growing up conditioned to accept that every movement and action they take must be recorded and monitored by surveillance cameras. In nurseries and schools, shops, play areas and the very streets they walk the all seeing eye of fascism looms down upon them, “for their safety and protection” or so we are told. The words safety and protection used in true Orwellian fashion with the reverse more akin to the truth if the free minded dare raise their head. All governments are skipping our children with lurid smiles down the lane to totalitarianism and a world devoid of truth or freedom. All being programmed along the way to accept every aspect of self-proclaimed authority and wisdom with an unquestioning mind and without any validation of fact.  Save that which suits the agenda of total control of every aspect of the projected world for the child of today of course. Such as the myth of global warming that amongst other lies is being used to push through the United Nations humanity destroying Agenda 21 via covert means, again for our protection and sustainability.

Our children are born into a system of debt slavery where they are viewed as no more than a commodity to be used as collateral against debts and deficits accrued by corrupt and incompetent governments (or competent if viewed by those who would seek to control and suppress). Our children are born into this world and we then are conned into registering them with a “certificate of birth” presenting the child as a commodity of the state within a system of corporate law under threat of punishment for failure to register. Their quality of life to be dictated by how much their parents have within a system that enslaves by demanding interest on monies that do not even exist. Pathetic and fearful ministries that have sold their souls long ago to the Rothschild banking dynasties and their lackeys in suits. Surely a sovereign country and government would issue its own interest and debt free money and not enslave itself to private corporate banks who ultimately answer to no government or people? Money, which is ultimately merely an energy construct which can be used for good or evil. As always it is the intention behind the action that determines the outcome and it is blatantly obvious from past and present actions that control and suppression are the intended goals within our current system. Insanely disgraceful!

The system of law and law enforcement in Scotland that a child may look forward to is on the cusp of becoming a gestapo-esk branch of corporate governance. There only to protect the few and silence those who question it and wish to live in a fair and just world, sadly it has already proven on occasion that it already exists when those who question find a voice. Is this to be the way forward? Where the absolute necessity of questioning and bringing the governments and courts actions to the fore are to be crushed by the state? This must be corrected immediately and the truths and rights of the individual be restored placing the police back in their rightful place as protectors of the public and upholders of common law, not enforcers of statutes which remove liberty and place the individual at the mercy of  fascist corporate dictates’  through policies of common purpose.

We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by a government and system of law which views the sexual abuse of a child or the vulnerable by its own members and others within the so called establishment as something to be hidden in order to hold an already corrupt and failing system together. Depraved acts which are kept from wider exposure with a ferocious zeal that should be vented upon the abusers, not the abused or those who stand in support. Again I refer to Hollie Greig and all that surrounds her case and the utterly contemptible actions, inactions and failures of the Scottish Government, Crown office and Procurator Fiscal Service, Lord Advocate (both past and present) and Police Force to do anything about it. Other than to harass, arrest and prosecute under draconian practises and disgraceful misuses of office and power the abused in this case, namely Hollie Greig herself, her mother Anne Greig, (also the failure to investigate the blatant murder of Anne Greigs brother Roy Greig who had witnessed Hollies abuse) and George Robert Green, shame on you all! I have refrained from going into any detail of what happened to Hollie Greig and all that surrounds this sorry and disgraceful course of events as all of the above offices and their occupants are in full knowledge of the events, yet silence is the byword and god help those who speak her name or question the failure of those in office or indeed those now outwith. Such as the former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini who seems to be able to summon into action factions of the Scottish Police to arrest those who raise her name in connection with Hollie Greig although she has been involved from the start as documented by her, then ,own office. Why would she be so offended to be named in office and responsible at the time if, as was claimed, all that could be done had indeed been done? But of course as we all know, as it has ironically been proven in court at the trial of George Robert Green in Stonehaven, that no action or investigation had indeed taken place. These actions should be intolerable in a “free” country, but not in this one so it seems. Again shame on you all!

It is becoming clearer by the day to the general public that a network of so called “establishment paedophiles” operates within the systems of government, security, commerce and other organisations of these islands and beyond. Ironically systems and organisations that claim to be there for our children’s betterment and protection. How far will the current crop of investigations go into child abuse? Will they do their job or simply offer up a few dead and aging public figures to present the illusion of a full investigation in order to sedate the public? This will no longer pass as justice and the world’s public no longer sleeps. The mainstream media and press lose credibility by the day with those who have eyes to see, those sections with the will to delve deeper have already been warned off such topics (such as with Hollie Greig and the BBC) and measures are already under way to curb all open debate and criticism of the state. I put it to the government that it is because of where the exposure and full investigation of Hollie Greigs case would lead and indeed to “whom and what circles” it would lead and expose that there is an attempt by factions of the Scottish Government and systems of law and order to prevent any such an investigation taking place.

In this matter and the few short examples stated above the current Scottish Government and establishment is blatantly guilty of the abuse and manipulation of our children in all aspects of their lives.

“A parcel o rouges” does not suffice, yet still the good and honest among our establishment turn a blind eye afraid to do the right thing while many of them being loving and honourable parents themselves.

Would an open honest and empathic parent make these choices for their child or indeed for themselves? I think not, for these few examples of our current state of being are themselves devoid of love and without love there can be no openness, no honesty and no empathy and society will continue to consume itself. It is time now for all of us in society no matter their perceived position to do what is right, to do what is right for all children, to do what is right for all humanity and the betterment of this world and the lives we have come here to experience. The experience can be one of abundance, happiness and adventure for us and our children or one of suppression, control and abuse. Make no mistake, those who seek to control all things and would abuse their fellow man to achieve their goal will be exposed ultimately by their own actions when the light of exposure shines upon the shadows they choose to work from and the world finds its voice. Abuse and control on all levels are merely fear made manifest and always will consume themselves as they are abhorrent and alien to our natural state and are unsustainable without our support and acquiesce. It is time for us all to make the choice, raise our voices, pick up our pens and create a world free of all oppression. To demand answers of ourselves and of those who seek to rule and oppress, time to speak our truth and express individual knowing of our capabilities and worth. No-one, but no-one is above anyone else and we need not live with a bowed head or on bended knee, kept down with immoral and illusory debt and fear of ourselves. The opportunities lie before us and our choices are clear, it is time to move on and end the abuse of ourselves and our children and reclaim this world from the cowards that dare not show their face and those in office who enforce their will on the trusting masses.


“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

― Martin Luther King, Jr


With sincerity

Gary Cluckie

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