Letter to Ban Ki Moon

Letter to Ban Ki Moon.29th May 2011.

Dear Ban Ki Moon,I trust this letter finds you well in body and spirit.I have chosen to write to you today regarding this world and our conscious experience within its’ apparent limits and the choices made beyond the confines of the physical that manifest into this journey we call life.

It has become blatantly obvious to anyone with a will to pause for a second and take a step back from the ever increasing,manipulated and carefully manufactured chaos of everyday life that something is sadly missing from the human physical experience.There is a lack and indeed in many cases no sense of compassion or empathy in the actions of the many.This is mirrored in all things of structure and form.From those who would seek to govern to those who claim to be our spiritual guides and gate keepers with keys to the realms beyond this form.

This could be best described through the experience of a childs life.Before a child even enters this world at birth its’ understanding and experience of consciousness through the physical body is being manipulated through the experience of the mother.The toxins that are destroying our food chain, fluoride in the water,even the very air she breaths is no longer the breath of the earth(more of which I will mention).As soon as the child arrives the medical establishment tries to convince us that injecting our loved ones with an unbelievable cocktail of neurotoxins,live and dead foetus of human and other forms,formaldehyde and other many delights,is somehow beneficial to the human immune system.Autism,sleep disorder and other chronic physical reactions are rife in our children but still the vaccinations are pushed as some sort of enlightened miracle cure when consciousness in awareness of itself would foresee the opposite and express itself as a constant healing,evolving and empathic part of all that is and not as expressions of consciousness claiming god like admiration.Then comes registration and the certificate of birth.A many levelled act with deeper ritualistic meanings but mainly a registering of a corporate commodity subject to maritime laws owned by its self-appointed governors and owners.

The journey then moves on through to education,but there is very little educating taking place.It is merely indoctrination into a system of control where gold stars are awarded for regurgitating the systems line and individual expression is rarely praised and in many cases suppressed.On a daily basis children are taught to obey and see themselves as little me when they are co-creators of there own experience not pawns of government or state ruled by a hidden hand.

The very world we are here to experience is being destroyed before our eyes.Our water is no longer pure and our food chain is corrupted with chemicals and genetically modified crops and livestock that by their very nature can only be there to genetically modify the human system,thus controlling and manipulating the human experience to no more than livestock for the self acclaimed elite.If we take a casual glance towards the sky we can see ourselves being sprayed like bugs on a daily basis.Scores of aircraft going back and forth weaving blankets of heavy metals and other toxins that fill the sky and rain down upon us in constant mist.How can anything grow in its natural state under such oppression?On occasions I have watched the skies pulse as the very fabric of the air is being manipulated by technologies beyond the publics’ ken,yet no-one in the publics eye dares to speak of it.

War is raging across this beautiful planet in a very calculated and methodical sequence of manipulated conflicts that seems openly to be trying to bring about a third and final conflict on the worlds stage. Fulfilling prophecies of a closed and finite expression of consciousness again has no gain or benefit in this life or the next.

Whether we choose to see or understand ourselves as different or the same the simple truth remains.We are all expressions of infinite consciousness and love experiencing itself subjectively,that experience can be one of empathic love and self-realization co-creating in the moment or the journey can be in chaotic ignorance of self.It’s just a choice.

The actions being played out on this earth are merely microcosms of the macrocosm.The human physical body at its core(our DNA)is basically a transmitter/receiver of information.The information it receives and decodes determining the experience,if the information it is receiving is of a conflicting nature the manifestation in this world will be of conflict and fear resulting in a closing down of conscious awareness.The world however is becoming conscious of itself and those manifest on and around it once more,this was always to be,yet there is a way to go still,like I said it’s just a choice.Lets make this life one of peace and abundance instead of chaos and fear ruled by the greed of the few and the hammer of the blind.

Thank you for your time,,,gary,,

{as of yet I have received no reply}   

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