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Letter to David Cameron

 The text of a letter to David Cameron

12th October 2011


The Prime Minister David Cameron

It is time the free and conscious peoples of this beautiful earth withdrew the self proclaimed right of lordship and mastery of a corrupt and immoral system of government.Too long have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the lies and condemned by the actions of successive governments of illusion.Our food chain has been corrupted and our waters are no longer pure,even the air we breath is […]

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The words of Chief Joseph

So many words of profound meaning and significance have come from what we call the indigenous peoples of many lands.The tribes of this earth who did there best to hold the truths of there forefathers and live in vibrational harmony with all things around and within them.I am not about to say that they lived perfect lives,fighting still took place,yet from what I myself understand of this,greed very rarely was the motive,survival was.The aboriginal peoples of this earth have had many great spokesmen […]

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