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the political establishment

The narcissistic puppets of the elite

Where and how do you begin to describe the levels of arrogance and sheer ignorance that is being crammed down our throats by the portrayed leaders and saviors of manufactured chaos and destruction upon the world stage.I can understand that there will be some people that choose to see presidents and prime ministers alike as the democratically elected representatives of their country and that they would like to believe that they are there to help the peoples of […]

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Letter to David Cameron

 The text of a letter to David Cameron

12th October 2011


The Prime Minister David Cameron

It is time the free and conscious peoples of this beautiful earth withdrew the self proclaimed right of lordship and mastery of a corrupt and immoral system of government.Too long have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the lies and condemned by the actions of successive governments of illusion.Our food chain has been corrupted and our waters are no longer pure,even the air we breath is […]

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