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An aluminium based reality?


It’s time to ask some serious questions about what is going on all around us.Why are we being sprayed daily(for the past 13years at least)from the air with metals such as aluminium oxide,barium and strontium also various chemical additives all hazardous and destructive to the human experience.The mainstream media and the mindless puppets of government mention nothing of this and if you mention it to them you are either ignored or branded a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”.1st […]

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how to defuse the symbolic bomb beneath humanities feet

George Harrison:-While my guitar gently weeps

The removal of the vibrational control over humanities perceived dilemma.

Where and how do we begin to defuse the current situation manifesting across the world as protests against a monetary system that is crushing the right to a free and open human experience?

The only way to defuse any situation embedded in conflict is to remove the power source which is both fueling and manipulating the given situation.To sit and argue about which is the best solution to a […]

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Letter to Ban Ki Moon

Letter to Ban Ki Moon.29th May 2011.

Dear Ban Ki Moon,I trust this letter finds you well in body and spirit.I have chosen to write to you today regarding this world and our conscious experience within its’ apparent limits and the choices made beyond the confines of the physical that manifest into this journey we call life.

It has become blatantly obvious to anyone with a will to pause for a second and take a step back from the ever increasing,manipulated and […]

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