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Lets talk freely


How in anyway could anyone claim to have a,or live within a FREE SOCIETY if the so-called right to FREE SPEECH is nothing more than the permission to regurgitate what is permitted within the given “governments” guidelines or idealistic programs of “political correctness”.To live within such a society is  foreign to a free and conscious expression of all that is,the free and conscious expressions of all that is which we are have simply come to change […]

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Why do we let them hurt our children?

The removal of choice from our childrens path

For the sake of our children and for the sake of our own experience in this world we must be stronger and more resolute in how we deal with the actions of the few and how we ourselves are used to implement and enforce them.As the agenda for the global enslavement of humanity rolls on and the attempt to remove more of our civil liberties and the right to free expression is ludicrously […]

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