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Healing as a Constant

Many problematic experiences appear before us on this journey we call life.Some seemingly easy to deal with and some seemingly full of pain and heartache.Our reactions to these experiences can cause great harmony within our physical state or they can cause great disharmony.If our life path flows in a balanced and harmonic way and we are consciously accepting our own guidance through the knowing in our hearts, physical and mental dis-ease become less of a likelihood(not accounting for the now daily barrage of toxins […]

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What is an individual? What is it to express individuality?Why are our children being taught from an increasingly early age to be clones of the collective?

Picture House:-Somebody Somewhere

To be an individual we must surely first recognize the self and all that entails.The so called good points and bad points within us and all that is in between.These are merely the experiences of the journey and how we react to them.Too often we all become trapped into the perceptive conditioned belief systems that […]

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Manipulation through fear

Today and everyday we wake up to this world with yet another string being added to the bow.The bow that plays the tune that the masses must dance to.The tune is getting louder and louder attempting to drown out the true song of the heart.We are being very carefully and expertly manipulated into the corner of the snake pit where they will offer us their pre-planned solution of an even bigger snake to protect us from ourselves.I use the analogy of […]

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