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A new year approaches and the experience of life goes on.What will it bring and what will  the human race choose as its’ path?Will we continue down the round to unimaginable tyranny and a life experience removed from the true realms of consciousness that is all things?A path that would see the end of the human race and an end to a loving physical interaction with all that the physical realms can offer.What is unfolding now in our […]

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One childs voice in a fathers ear


Please Daddy my Daddy give us peace on this earth

Please show me the truth of what my life is worth

I have lain down at night for thousands of years

With the echoing sound of all children’s tears

I have come to this life just to run and have fun

To live life to the full as a proud loving son

But my heart has grown […]

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Dire Straits:-Brothers in Arms

On the 11th of the 11th on the 11th hour in the 11th year of this millennium tradition once again takes its place as people from around this world bow there heads and offer their thoughts and prayers to those who did not make that final journey home from war to their loved ones.Memories will flood back of how the dead lived their lives and what they strove for in this life believing […]

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Letter to Ban Ki Moon

Letter to Ban Ki Moon.29th May 2011.

Dear Ban Ki Moon,I trust this letter finds you well in body and spirit.I have chosen to write to you today regarding this world and our conscious experience within its’ apparent limits and the choices made beyond the confines of the physical that manifest into this journey we call life.

It has become blatantly obvious to anyone with a will to pause for a second and take a step back from the ever increasing,manipulated and […]

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Letter to David Cameron

 The text of a letter to David Cameron

12th October 2011


The Prime Minister David Cameron

It is time the free and conscious peoples of this beautiful earth withdrew the self proclaimed right of lordship and mastery of a corrupt and immoral system of government.Too long have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the lies and condemned by the actions of successive governments of illusion.Our food chain has been corrupted and our waters are no longer pure,even the air we breath is […]

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The Universal Soldier

Why do both sides claim the moral high ground?

In all theaters of war both sides stand in defiance of each other more often than not claiming that they are the righteous possessors of the moral high ground.”God favors the righteous” does he not?Whos’ God are they trying to convince us of and what does it truly mean to be righteous?Let us also not forget the old and quite frankly pathetic mantra that we must “fight for peace” and that those who make the […]

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The words of Chief Joseph

So many words of profound meaning and significance have come from what we call the indigenous peoples of many lands.The tribes of this earth who did there best to hold the truths of there forefathers and live in vibrational harmony with all things around and within them.I am not about to say that they lived perfect lives,fighting still took place,yet from what I myself understand of this,greed very rarely was the motive,survival was.The aboriginal peoples of this earth have had many great spokesmen […]

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