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In defense of David Icke


Why is it that when anyone has the courage to stand up and speak their truth and dedicate their life to exposing the true nature of what is happening in this world that the so called “free and impartial” media must destroy them?Once more it seems that this is the time to(attempt) discredit and demean a man called David Icke,a man who has for more than 20 years dedicated his life trying to understand and expose the […]

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Letter to David Cameron

 The text of a letter to David Cameron

12th October 2011


The Prime Minister David Cameron

It is time the free and conscious peoples of this beautiful earth withdrew the self proclaimed right of lordship and mastery of a corrupt and immoral system of government.Too long have we allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the lies and condemned by the actions of successive governments of illusion.Our food chain has been corrupted and our waters are no longer pure,even the air we breath is […]

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