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Letter to Ban Ki Moon

Letter to Ban Ki Moon.29th May 2011.

Dear Ban Ki Moon,I trust this letter finds you well in body and spirit.I have chosen to write to you today regarding this world and our conscious experience within its’ apparent limits and the choices made beyond the confines of the physical that manifest into this journey we call life.

It has become blatantly obvious to anyone with a will to pause for a second and take a step back from the ever increasing,manipulated and […]

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Fear and Greed(microcosms of the macrocosm)

I suppose we’ve all been there at some point in our lives if were honest,you know,whats in it for me?,I want more stuff,I want more money,I want more love.Where does the obsession come from and what creates the experience?

The way what we call society and our interactive experience of society is structured and played out is, again, a very cleverly guided and engineered piece of work.Once more through almost our every waking hour there is the attempt to convince us of […]

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Welcome page

Welcome to the conscious walk

For countless years now the experience we call life has been manipulated and controlled from beyond what we call in our daily lives,sight and perception.Sight and perception are merely labels that express the point from which our consciousness is allowing itself to view the experience from. 

What could happen if we allow ourselves to walk upon this earth through an open realization of our true and infinite self?


Through this site […]

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